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Center of Global Initiatives

Global Initiatives Committee Grants

The purpose of Rollins Global Initiatives Grant is to support Rollins’ mission of global citizenship and responsible leadership and the College’s efforts to internationalize the campus community by funding activities that do not require international travel.
Annual International Education Week festivities highlight our international community.

International Education Week

Annual International Education Week festivities highlight our international community.

Specifically, the Global Initiatives Grant aims to support efforts by faculty and staff to organize or participate in projects, workshops, or events that promote global learning and collaboration; to incorporate international themes and activities into the life of the college; and/or invite speakers relating to international topics. Priority will be given to support innovative interdisciplinary and intra-institutional collaboration and first-time applicants.

Each award is for a maximum of $1,000. Requests in excess of $1,000 may be considered on a case-by-case basis, subject to documented justification and budgetary constraints.

Grant Criteria:

  • Proposals that involve international travel or travel to academic conferences will not be considered
  • Priority will be given to projects that:
  • Directly support the mission of the College
  • Involve collaboration among Rollins faculty, students and staff
  • Stimulate the creation of an international activity or fill a demonstrable void in an existing curriculum
  • Create or improve a globally-focused course
  • Projects for curriculum development could include any of the following elements, in isolation or in combination:
  • Domestic Travel: to establish new academic contacts; to gather information for a new course or to improve an existing course; to foster collaboration with partners
  • Create/obtain course materials necessary for a new course or to improve an existing course. Examples include equipment, software, resources, etc.
  • Stipends: for consultants, student assistants, visiting lecturers
  • Honoraria/expenses for speakers and workshops
  • Grants are subject to budgetary availability.
  • Funds awarded in a given academic year must be used by August 31st of that same academic year (i.e. funds from grants awarded in 2019-20 must be used by 8/31/2020).


  • Tenured faculty and full-time tenure-track faculty with continuing contracts.
  • Other faculty with an endorsement from the department chair, who must confirm that the faculty member has been teaching at Rollins for at least two semesters and that the individual is on the teaching schedule for the term following the grant travel.
  • Full-time staff who have worked at Rollins for at least a year, with the endorsement of the supervisor.

Global Initiatives Grants are awarded through the Center for Global Initiatives (CGI) Committee, via electronic application. Applicants are encouraged to submit applications at any time during the academic year until 5 P.M. on December 1 for the fall cycle and until 5 P.M. on May 1st for the spring cycle. Applications will not be reviewed between December 1 and January 15 or during the summer months.  Please remember that while proposals will be reviewed in a spirit of collegiality, there is no discipline specific review. Objectives must be well conceived, clearly stated, and written in a language that can be understood by a general audience.  Each proposal will be evaluated on whether or not it meets the grant criteria stated above, how it contributes to Rollins’ mission of internationalization, its completeness, the quality of the project/activity, and the likelihood that the applicant can and will complete the project.  Proposals will be reviewed by members of the Global Initiatives Committee.

The committee will not fund proposals that have the following characteristics:

  • Do not meet the criteria for the grant
  • Lack clearly stated goals for and outcomes from the funded activity
  • Lack a clear, detailed budget and rationale for all requested funds
  • Are for the purpose of traveling to an academic conference
  • The committee will not review proposals:
  • That are incomplete and missing information
  • With requests exceeding $1000 without documented justification
  • From faculty or staff members who have not submitted a Final Report on the outcomes of previous CGI grant awards
  • That do not disclose other internal Rollins funding committed to or being sought for the project.

Application Form

Following the expenditure of a grant award, all recipients are required to file an online report on the activity/event. Reports are due within 60 days of completing the funded project.  Future funding of global initiatives grants is contingent upon completion of the Final Report.