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Fraternity & Sorority Life

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Rollins’ first fraternities and sororities began in 1929 and have continued to offer opportunities to develop students into the people they want to become. Currently, 27% of the student population is affiliated with a fraternal organization, and our community is eager to continue the growth! 

Types of Recruitment

Formal Recruitment

Rollins believes in a successful transition to college life focused on academics first, our campus hosts what is known as Deferred Recruitment. This provides the opportunity for first-year students participating in recruitment to become accustomed to college classes, get involved in other activities, and make friends before joining a fraternity or sorority. Deferred Recruitment also provides a better acquaintance with the commitments and meaning of sorority and fraternity membership prior to joining. Formal recruitment is open to all eligibile undergraduate students. 

Informal or Open Recruitment

Informal Recruitment, also known as open recruitment or continuious open bidding (COB), takes place during the first few weeks of the fall semester and following Formal Recruitment in the spring semester. Because first-semester freshman are not allowed to join a fraternity or sorority, Fall Open Recruitment is only an open to upperclassmen. Spring informal recruitment is open to all eligibile undergraduate students.