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Fraternity & Sorority Life

IFC Formal Recruitment

Formal Recruitment is a structured process for you to learn more about joining a fraternity and for fraternities to ask men to join their chapter. The week begins on Friday with orientation where you will meet your Rho Chi (recruitment counselor), be told what is expected for the week, and ask a panel of Rho Chi’s any questions you might have.


Chapter Night On this night you will visit each fraternity for 30 minutes with your Rho Chi group

Community Night You will have the opportunity to visit whichever fraternities you would like, but we encourage you to visit at least half of the groups

Invite Night This night you will only be able to visit the fraternities that you are invited back to. Most fraternities will not extend you an invitation to Invite Night if you do not visit them on Open Night which is why we recommend spending time at half of the groups.

Bid Day This is the final and most fun day of men’s recruitment. This is when you will receive bids from the fraternities inviting you to join their brotherhood; once you have chosen to accept a bid, you will join your new brothers!


Do I have to register? Yes, the deadline Tuesday, January 15 by 5 p.m.

When is recruitment? The second week of classes in the spring; January 23 – 26.

Is attending orientation required? Yes, it is on Wednesday, January 15 from 7 – 9 p.m.

Does it cost? Nope

Is there a limit of how many men can join a fraternity? Not at all; some fraternities will take new member classes as small as 10 and some will take up to 25

What if I have class and have to miss a night? Make sure to tell your Rho Chi at Orientation.

How many bids can I receive? You can receive bids from each fraternity but can only accept one.