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Florida Prepaid and 529 Plans

Learn more about how the Florida Prepaid Plan and the Private 529 Plan works at Rollins College.

Working Rewards

Working Rewards

Gain on-the-job experience and help pay your educational expenses through Federal Work Study.

Florida Prepaid College Plan

Students may utilize their Florida Prepaid benefits at the same rate as state public institutions. The benefit is based on the state tuition rate per credit hour established each summer. Complete a Transfer Authorization Form with Florida Prepaid by call 1-800-552-GRAD (4723). Once Rollins has received the authorizations from Florida Prepaid, payment will be deferred. For further questions, please contact the Bursar's Office at 407-646-2252.

Private College 529 Plan

This prepaid plan enables families to lock in today's tuition rates at private colleges across the country. For additional information, please visit