Meet Our Staff

Meet the Department of Finance staff.

Finance & Accounting

Angelia Friz
Financial Systems Analyst
Bill Short
Associate VP for Finance & Assistant Treasurer
T. 407.646.2125
Caroline Nason
Director of Accounting, Budget Management, & Investments
T. 407.646.2475
Carrie Schulz
Director Financial IS & Strategic Initiatives
T. 407.975.6459
Claudia Naranjo
Senior Accountant
T. 407.646.2338
Jay Zajan
Property Accountant
T. 407.646.2441
Jeremy DiGorio
Financial Analysis Manager
T. 407.628.6321
Jinnie Son
Accounting and Budget Manager
T. 407.646.2428
Kathy Nichols
Executive Assistant & Facility Coordinator
T. 407.646.2125
Sayied Ali
Senior Accountant
T. 407.646.2272
Teresa Williams
Tax Manager
T. 407.646.2611

Accounts Payable

Donna Klingler
A/P Coordinator
T. 407.646.2108
Sherine Squires
Accounting Assistant
T. 407.646.2162

Bursar's Office

Susan Rose
T. 407.646.2252
Julie Kenes
Assistant Bursar
T. 407.646.2493
Pat Scheffler
T. 407.646.6352
Francine Chase
Accounts Receivable Assistant
T. 407.646.2297
Jennifer Weisenburger
Accounts Receivable Assistant

Finance Department
Rollins College
Mailing Address: 1000 Holt Ave.-2715
Winter Park, FL 32789
T. 407.646.2125
Office Location: 422 West Fairbanks Building