Other Ways to Pay

Learn more about P-Card payments, petty cash, and purchase orders.

Payment with a P-card

The college's PCard program is managed by the Purchasing Department.  Please see the Purchasing Office website for more information.

A P-Card is a SunTrust Mastercard that we use for high volume, low dollar purchases. The P-Card program was established to provide a more efficient, cost-effective method of purchasing and has reduced the time between identifying a need and delivery of the products.

In general, purchases under $1,000 may be processed using the Rollins College Purchasing Card (P-Card) as long as they have proper authorization from their budget manager and all decisions and actions are based upon proper business considerations. Please refer to the Travel & Entertainment Policy and the Cardholder handbook for additional information.

Cardholder Administration

Card Application
Cardholder Handbook
Credit Increase Request

Useful Links

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Petty Cash

Petty Cash is managed by the Bursar's Office.  Please see the Bursar Office website for more information.

About Petty Cash Funds

  • Petty cash funds are made available to facilitate payment for small or emergency purchases and should not be used to avoid the policy and procedures for requisitioning of goods and services. Individuals are encouraged to use the college’s purchasing card program as an alternative to petty cash.
  • Individual purchases are limited to a maximum of $200.00 per transaction. Every transaction must be accompanied by a paid receipt describing the goods bought and account to be charged.
  • Salary, part-time employment, or services may not be disbursed from petty cash funds.
  • Sales tax may not be paid. Our tax exemption number is 85-8012620847C-3.

Personal Petty Cash Reimbursements

All reimbursement requests must be approved by the proper budget authority. If the person to be reimbursed is the budget approver, then the immediate supervisor should approve the request.

Departmental Petty Cash Administration

Replenishing Departmental Petty Cash Reimbursements of the fund may be accomplished by submitting the required receipts on a Departmental Petty Cash Reimbursement Form and obtaining approval through the Bursar’s office.

More Petty Cash Forms Located Here

Purchase Order

Purchase orders are managed by the Purchasing Department. Please see the Purchasing Office website for more information.


Upon receipt of a vendor invoice, the authorized individual should:

  1. Review and sign the invoice indicating that all goods/services billed on invoice were received.
  2. Forward to Purchasing Department for payment processing.

Note: Direct Pay/Check Request is not required.

Please allow 7-10 business days for invoice processing.

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