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The Expert Resource Guide is a searchable database which allows faculty and staff of Rollins College to share their areas of expertise with their colleagues and the world.

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Rayburn, Scott - Safety and Emergency Planning Coordinator Rollins College

Scott Rayburn

Safety and Emergency Planning Coordinator

Campus Safety

Terrorism, Higher Education Campus Safety, Emergency Preparedness

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Rodriguez, William - Systems Administrator Rollins College

William Rodriguez

Systems Administrator

Information Technology

Information Technology, Internet, Media, Networking, Social Media, Social Networking, Technology

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Roe, Dawn - Associate Professor of Art Rollins College

Dawn Roe

Associate Professor of Art

Art and Art History

Photography, Video Art, Experimental Cinema, Contemporary Art, Public Art, Community Engagement

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Ruby, Jenifer - Director Rollins College

Jenifer Ruby


International Student & Scholar Services

International student advising, International scholar advising, Sutdent and scholar immigration, Intercultural communication, International education, Japanese culture

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Santiago Narvaez, Brendaliz - Assistant Professor  Rollins College

Brendaliz Santiago Narvaez

Assistant Professor


Microbiology, Oral Microbiology, Microbiome , Bacterial Pathogenesis, host-microbial interactions

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Seyfried, Bill - Professor of Economics Rollins College

Bill Seyfried

Professor of Economics

Crummer Graduate School of Business

Economics, Economy, Government Budget Issues, Labor Market

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Simmons, Rachel - Professor Rollins College

Rachel Simmons



Art, Climate Change, Contemporary Art, Creative Thinking, Ecotourism, Interdisciplinary Research, Landscape, Printmaking, Sustainability, War

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Singleton, J. Clay - George & Harriet Cornell Professor of Finance Rollins College

J. Clay Singleton

George & Harriet Cornell Professor of Finance

Crummer Graduate School of Business

Investment Management, Valuation, Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling, Fiduciary Duty

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Stone, Anne - Assistant Professor Rollins College

Anne Stone

Assistant Professor


Health Communication, Dementia, Disability, Service Learning, Community Engagement, Inter Generational Communication, Listening

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Strom, Claire - Rapetti-Trunzo Chair of History Rollins College

Claire Strom

Rapetti-Trunzo Chair of History


US history , African American history , sexuality , Womens history , History of the American South , Florida history , the Constitution , World War II , Agricultural history , Pedagogy

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Valerie Summet

Assistant Professor

Computer Science

women in computer science

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Tatari, Eren - Assistant Professor Rollins College

Eren Tatari

Assistant Professor

Political Science

Diplomacy, Foreign Policy, France, Gender Issues, Government, Great Britain, Iraq and the Middle East, Islam, Middle East, Peacemaking

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Teymuroglu, Zeynep - Associate Professor Rollins College

Zeynep Teymuroglu

Associate Professor

Mathematics and Computer Science

Social Network Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Actuarial Sciences, Statistics

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Tillman, Lisa - Professor Rollins College

Lisa Tillman


Critical Media and Cultural Studies

Body Image, Body Dissatisfaction, Eating Disorders, Muscle Dysmorphia, Illegal Steroid Use, Gay and Lesbian Issues, Public Nutrition, Food Stamps, Transgender Issues, Women

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Robert Vander Poppen

Assistant Professor

Art History / Archaeology

Archaelogy, Classics, History

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