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Expert Resource Guide

The Expert Resource Guide is a searchable database which allows faculty and staff of Rollins College to share their areas of expertise with their colleagues and the world.

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Rich Morris

Director of Health Education

Health Professions

Mindfulness and health locus of control, Nutrition and exercise, Swimming, Sailing

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Myers, Dan - Assistant Professor Rollins College

Dan Myers

Assistant Professor

Mathematics and Computer Science

Computer Science, Modeling and Simulation, Queueing Theory, Computer Performance, Teaching Computer Science to High School Students, Computer Operating Systems, Networks and the Internet, Bluegrass Old-Time Folk Guitar

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Namingit, Sheryll - Assistant Professor Rollins College

Sheryll Namingit

Assistant Professor


Economics, Development Economics, Labor Economics, Health Economics, Human Resource

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Newcomb, Rachel - Assistant Professor Rollins College

Rachel Newcomb

Assistant Professor


Africa, Anthropology, Community Engagement, Consulting, Culture, Fiction, Food, Iraq and the Middle East, Islam

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Nichter, Matthew - Visiting Assistant Professor Rollins College

Matthew Nichter

Visiting Assistant Professor


African American, Civil Rights, Economy, Power and Wealth, Race, Socialism, Sociology

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Niles, Nancy - Associate Professor Rollins College

Nancy Niles

Associate Professor

Health Professions

Health Policy, Leadership Theory, Human Resource Management, Medical Ethics, Health Strategic Planning, Health Marketing, Management, Cultural Competency

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Norsworthy, Kathryn - Professor Rollins College

Kathryn Norsworthy


Graduate Studies in Counseling

Feminism, LGBTQ+ civil rights, Counseling and Psychotherapy, Mental Health, Trauma and Recovery, Social justice, Activism and Social Change, Peacebuilding, Mindfulness in Health and Healing

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O'Sullivan, Maurice

Maurice "Socky" O'Sullivan



Academics, Bible, Colleges and Universities, Culture, Fiction, Film, Florida, Humanities, Ireland, Literature

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Rabbi Sanford Olshansky

Adjunct Instructor, Judaic Studies Program


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Ouellette, Thomas - Professor Rollins College

Thomas Ouellette


Theatre and Dance


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Ozcan, Tim - Associate Professor of Marketing Rollins College

Tim Ozcan

Associate Professor of Marketing

Crummer Graduate School of Business

Marketing Research, Marketing Analytics, Quantitative Research

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David Painter

Assistant Professor


Political Communication, Social Media, Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism, Public Speaking, Tourism and Hospitality

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Parker, Pennie - Director of Athletics Rollins College

Pennie Parker

Director of Athletics


Collegiate Athletics, Title IX pertaining to athletics, Athletics Compliance, NCAA Division II

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Parsloe, Sarah - Assistant Professor  Rollins College

Sarah Parsloe

Assistant Professor

Department of Communication

health communication, health policy, health activism, disability activism

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Poole, Leslie - Assistant Professor Rollins College

Leslie Poole

Assistant Professor

Environmental Studies

Florida environmental history, Women in Florida, Environmental movement, Florida environmental Justice, Creation of Florida parks

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