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The Expert Resource Guide is a searchable database which allows faculty and staff of Rollins College to share their areas of expertise with their colleagues and the world.

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Certo, Samuel C. - Steinmetz Professor of Management Rollins College

Samuel C. Certo

Steinmetz Professor of Management

Crummer Graduate School of Business

Executive Compensation, Strategic Planning, Interpersonal and Organizational Communication, Leadership and Sustainability

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Cheng, Martha - Associate Professor Rollins College

Martha Cheng

Associate Professor


Communications, Public Speaking, Writing

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Chick, Nancy - Director Rollins College

Nancy Chick


Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

college teaching and learning , SoTL - scholarship of teaching and learning , signature pedagogies - disciplinary ways of teaching , faculty development,

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Chong, Daniel - Assistant Professor Rollins College

Daniel Chong

Assistant Professor

Political Science


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Cody-Rapport, Lisa - Resident Artist-in-Design Rollins College

Lisa Cody-Rapport

Resident Artist-in-Design

Theatre Arts and Dance


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Conway Dato-on, Mary - Associate Professor of International Business Rollins College

Mary Conway Dato-on

Associate Professor of International Business

Crummer Graduate School of Business

International Marketing, Nonprofit Marketing, Social Entrepreneurship, Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior

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Cook, Gloria - Professor Rollins College

Gloria Cook



music, piano, keyboard

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Correa, Henrique - Professor of Operations Management Rollins College

Henrique Correa

Professor of Operations Management

Crummer Graduate School of Business

Operations Management, Global Supply Chain Management

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David Currie

Professor of Finance and Economics

Crummer Graduate School of Business

Finance, Economics

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Donald Davison

Associate Dean

Political Science

Elections, Politics, Race

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Decker, Nancy - Associate Professor Rollins College

Nancy Decker

Associate Professor

Modern Languages


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Delk , Christy Wilson - Lecturer  Rollins College

Christy Wilson Delk


Department of Business

Business , Franchise , Business management

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Dunn, Stacy - Professor Rollins College

Stacy Dunn



Clinical Psychology, Family Coaching, Couples Coaching, Body Image, Eating Behavior, Stress Management, Anxiety, Depression

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Easton, Susan - Professor of Communications Rollins College

Susan Easton

Professor of Communications

Crummer Graduate School of Business

Organizational and Leadership Communication, Intercultural Communication, Virtual Communication

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Chelsea Ebin

Visiting Assistant Professor

Political Science

American politics, conservatism, religious freedom, religious right

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