Master of Education: Major in Reading

Become a literacy leader with an advanced degree in Education focused on reading.


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The Master of Education with a Major in Reading is a 30-credit hour advanced studies program that allows professionally certified teachers in Florida to complete the requirements for certification in Reading (K-12) and a Master of Education degree.

Become a literacy leader and make a difference to your students, peers, and community by earning an advanced degree in Education focused on reading. Our faculty are experienced practitioners who understand the joys and challenges you face in the classroom. With a course plan customized to your needs and interests, you’ll be on your way to increased proficiency in the classroom and improved literacy outcomes.

Rollins offers a caring environment responsive to the adult learner who balances academics with a job and family. Smaller classes enable you to receive the personal attention and individual instruction necessary for development as a professional educator focused on best practices in literacy instruction. Our late-afternoon and evening classes conveniently begin after your school day has finished. Technology, diversity and best practices in literacy instruction are at the core of our program. Throughout our courses, we focus on culturally responsive and inclusive instructional strategies that meet the needs of our diverse readers and writers.




The Master of Education with a Major in Reading is a 30-hour graduate program for teachers professionally certified in Florida to complete the requirements for certification in Reading (K-12) and earn a Master of Education degree. An assigned faculty advisor will review each candidate’s transcripts and develop an individualized program of study including any courses required for Reading Endorsement and the number of electives to be completed.

Courses for Reading Certification (K-12):

   RED 544     Statistics for Teachers:  Tests and Measurements                                                   

   RED 581     Enhancing Instruction: Using Children’s and Young Adult Literature

   RED 583     Advanced Reading Strategies for Coaching, Assessment, and Remediation

   RED 584     Intensive Intervention and Assessment for Students with Reading Difficulties

   RED 589     Literacy Research, Theory, and Practice                                                       


Courses for Reading Endorsement (to be determined by Reading Faculty)

   RED 509     Foundations of Reading (K-12)                                                                                         

   RED 568     Differentiation in Language Arts and Content Area Instruction                           

   RED 569     Research Based Practices in Reading and Language Arts                                       

   RED 575     Diagnostic Techniques in Reading                                                                                   

   RED 577     Demonstration of Accomplishment in Reading                                                          



   EDU 510            Teaching in the 21st Century Classroom 

   EDU 545          Orientation to International Studies (1 cr.) &

   EDU 546          International Field Study (3 cr.) 

   EDU 547          Global Perspectives on Education           

   EDU 567          Inclusive Schools and Communities                                              

   RED 599            Independent Study                                                                               

   RED 511           Methods for Teaching Writing in Elementary Schools                             

   RED 582           Children’s Literature:  A Global Perspective


Classes at Rollins are personal and interactive. Devoted to teaching and supportive of adult learners, Rollins professors go out of their way to help students achieve their goals. Faculty include nationally prominent professors who remain active in the teaching profession. In addition to their ongoing scholarship and dedication to teaching, they serve on governing boards of professional journals and national and state associations. Rollins faculty and staff are committed to your success and to making your college experience rewarding.                          

Wendy Brandon

Associate Professor

Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University

Dr. Brandon's teaching areas include social foundations of education and multicultural education research methods. Her research analyzes the role of race, class, and gender in school success. Currently she is completing a manuscript entitled Teaching for Global Consciousness.                        

Margot Fadool

Assistant Professor and Director of Field Placements

Ed.D., University of Cincinnati

Dr. Fadool teaches courses in diagnosis of reading difficulties, language arts, and children’s literature. Her research interests include reading attitudes, writing workshop and technology in education.

J. Scott Hewit

Associate Professor and Director of Teacher Education

Ed.D. Early Childhood Education, Ball State University

Dr. Hewit teaches courses in instructional strategies, special needs, and curriculum.  His research interests include candidate impact on P-12 student learning, public policy, and education in Rwanda.          

Jenn Manak

Associate Professor and Reading and ESOL Coordinator

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of Florida

Dr. Manak teaches literacy courses infused with strategies to support culturally and linguistically diverse students. Her research interests include the interconnected nature of reading and writing instruction, the impact of culturally responsive and inclusive pedagogies on diverse students’ literacy learning, and education in Latin America.

H. James McLaughlin

Professor and Richard James Mertz Chair of Education

Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Dr. McLaughlin teaches courses in curriculum development and analysis, social foundations of education, and global perspectives of education. His research interests include the education of Latino students, education in rural schools in Latin America, and the history of the education of immigrants in the U.S.A.

Jie Yu

Assistant Professor and ESOL Coordinator

PhD, Curriculum and Instruction, Louisiana State University 

Dr. Yu teaches foundations, math methods, and multicultural courses in education. Her research interests include curriculum studies, classroom teaching and learning, phenomenology, narrative inquiry, and multicultural education.

Deb Wellman

Professor of Education

Ph.D., University of Toledo

Dr. Wellman teaches courses in literacy, children’s literature, social studies methods, content area reading, and student teaching.  Her research interests include the impact of field experiences on preservice teachers, book clubs as a model for discussion-based learning, and content area instruction. Dr. Wellman’s co-authored book, Vibrant Learning: An Integrative Approach to Teaching Content Area Disciplines was released in June 2018. Dr. Wellman is currently serving as the Department Chair.

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