General Education Requirements

Summer 2018

To be eligible for a bachelor of arts degree, students must complete one course from each of the general education areas listed below:

Expressive Arts (A)

  • DAN 177 Jazz I
  • DAN 277 Jazz II

Non-Western Cultures (C)

  • INAF 352 International Human Rights

Knowledge of Western Culture (H)

  • BUS 233 Micro & Macro Economics
  • HUM 315 Topic: Philosophy of the Gym

Awareness of Literature (L)

  • ENG 233 Southern Women Writers
  • ENG 329 Love Stories in 20th Am Lit

Scientific Perspective (P)

  • ENV 216 Ecology with lab 

Quantitative Thinking (Q)

  • None this Semester.

Writing Reinforcement (R)

  • ENG 300B Expos Writ: Informal Essay 

Oral Communication (T)

  • COM 210 Public Speaking