Business Management
Spring 2018

Core Requirement

BUS 230 Financial and Managerial Accounting
BUS 233 Micro and Macro Economics
BUS 236 Statistics for Business
BUS 245 International Organizational Behavior
BUS 450 Global Business Strategy
MGT 101 Introduction to Responsible Business Management
MGT 312 Responsible Business Leadership
MGT 330 Entrepreneurial Marketing
MGT 342 Human Resource Management
MGT 350 Supply Chain Management
MGT 354 High Performance Organizations

Elective Courses

Group A:

ENG 361 Writing for the Professions

Group B:

BUS 390 Topic:
ECO 304 Intermediate Macroeconomics
MGT 390A Topic: Rapid Enterprise Dev
MGT 390G Topic: New Product Dev & Innovation
PSY 211 Social Psychology
PSY 317 Group Dynamics
PSY 407 Organizational Development
THE 344 Intro to Theatre Administration