Heatlhcare Management
Spring 2018

HCM 300 Healthcare Statistics, Technology, and Information Systems
This course introduces (1) the uses of information technology (MIS, Big Data) for data gathering in the health care context and (2) tools such as statistics, algorithms, and analytics for interpreting data and drawing conclusions. Areas covered include advanced research design, data mining, probability, statistics, information processing, decision support, self-directed systems, and an introduction to health informatics. Prerequisite: HCM 200.

HCM 315 Health Leadership & Organizational Behavior
This course provides a discussion of the principles of healthcare management and leadership and how organizational behavior plays a role in successful health leadership.

HCM 400 Healthcare Strategic Management
This course is the capstone course for the healthcare management undergraduate major. Based on learning outcomes of the major courses, this capstone course will discuss strategic management in the health care industry. Senior status. Corequisite: HCM 397 or 398.