Business Management
Spring 2018

BUS 135 Business Law & Ethics
This course introduces students to the legal and ethical environment of business.  It will assist students in identifying and analyzing ethical issues in business, while giving students practical decision-making skills.  Basic legal content such as contracts, torts, alternative dispute resolution, intellectual property, and employment law will be covered.

BUS 230 Financial and Managerial Accounting
This course introduces domestic and international theories and methods of using accounting systems information technology to solve problems and evaluate performance throughout the business lifecycle. The course explores financial and managerial accounting topics emphasizing the analysis of financial statements and managerial decision techniques. Prerequisite: BUS 101 or HCM 200 or INB 200.

BUS 233 Micro & Macro Economics
This course Introduces economic theory and analysis as they apply to personal and organizational decision-making.  Examines economic concepts used to describe, explain, evaluate, predict, and address key social, political, economic problems of domestic and international businesses.

BUS 236 Statistics for Business
This course introduces the uses of information technology (MIS, Big Data) for data gathering, organization, and analysis.  Covers descriptive statistics, probability, and inferential statistics. Includes measures of central tendency, dispersion, skew, probability distributions, interval estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation, regression, and multiple regressions. Prerequisite: BUS 101 or INB 200.

BUS 245 International Organizational Behavior
International Organizational Behavior (IOB) focuses on the attitudes, behavior, and performance of people cross-cultural and multinational work arrangements. We focus on understanding and managing individual, group, organizational, and cultural factors. We will explore applications of IOB concepts to performance, conflict, and change management. Prerequisite: BUS 101 or HCM 200 or INB 200.

BUS 390 Special Topics in Business - TBD
Course deals with significant economic, political, social, and ethical problems facing global businesses. Conducted as a seminar, discussions will be based on current journal articles. Prerequisite: BUS major and Junior status.

BUS 450 Global Business Strategy
Taking a strategic approach to the challenges of managing the organization as a whole, this course examines the process, problems, and consequences of creating, implementing, and evaluating business strategy on a global scale. Prerequisite: MGT 320, MGT 330, MGT 350.