Art and Art History
Spring 2018

ARH 227 European Baroque Art
Survey of seventeenth-century art in Italy, Spain, France, Flanders, and the Dutch Republic. Emphasis on the impact of the Reformation and Counter Reformation and changes in economic and political systems on art and architecture. Suitable for non-majors.

ART 215 The Artist's Book
Examination of the book as an art object. Develops basic bookbinding, typesetting, and printing skills through individual and collaborative studio projects. Suitable for majors or nonmajors.

ART 243 Human Figure Drawing I
Challenges intermediate and advanced students to incorporate human figures into artwork. Stresses studio exercises, such as gesture drawings and in-depth anatomical studies, as well as individual and group critiques, and discussions with individual research. Prerequisite: ART 221 or Consent.