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The Hamilton Holt School conducts all student registrations online using FoxLink. Registration is restricted to students in good academic and financial standing who have attended at least one of the previous three semesters. Students who do not have access to the internet from home or work may use the computing labs, located in the Olin Library, during normal hours of operation. There is also a student computing station located in the Holt School office.

The I.T. Help Desk (407-628-6363) is available should students encounter technical problems. Please view their website for hours of operation. Students should follow the report error messages received while attempting online registration to the Help Desk by phone or email

Registration Time Tickets

All Holt students must go through a request a registration time ticket prior to registration. Time-tickets are issued based on class standing (credit hours earned). The time ticket process opens one week prior to senior and graduate registration each term.

Select Classes

Review the Schedule of Classes to select the courses for which you wish to register. Be sure to select alternates in case your first choice is not available. Write down the five digit number (CRN) that identifies each course.


Go to FoxLink and enter your credentials. Once in FoxLink, select the “Registration and Student Records” tab, then the Link for the Request a Time Ticket.

After you complete the time ticket process, select the link for Registration.

Select Term

  • Select the appropriate term link from the drop-down menu. (Example: Spring 2019 CLA/Holt.)
  • Click on the Submit Term button.
  • Click on Add/drop Classes link.

Enter Course Registrations

  • Using the scroll bar to the right of the screen, scroll to the Add Class form at the bottom of the page. Enter the CRNs (the five digit number for each course) of your course selections and click on the Submit Changes button.
  • A schedule will automatically come up indicating that you have either successfully registered for your courses or that registration errors/holds prohibit registration. (If you receive error messages, refer to Section I of these instructions.)
  • Clicking on the Reset button at the bottom will clear any changes you may have made as long as you have not already clicked on the Submit Changes button. You may also use the drop-down box in the action column to delete courses you may have entered in error.
  • Once you have completed the registration process, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the Registration Fee Assessment link. You will be shown the amount of tuition due. This amount does not consider any financial aid award.

Complete Registration

Select the Registration Fee Assessment link located either at the bottom of the registration page or from the Registration menu. Review the charges to your student account to ensure accuracy. This is a required step to finalize your electronic registration. This amount does not consider any financial aid award.