Fall 2018 Course Descriptions for
International Affairs

INAF 315 Topic: Grand Strategy
Using a curriculum loosely modeled on the Grand Strategy Program at Yale, we will examine the potential uses and abuses of an integrated military, diplomatic, and economic approach to statecraft. The course will draw on a range of relevant subjects, including models of global capital markets, game theory, military special operations, and advanced negotiation tactics.

INAF 322 Islam, Culture and Politics
An introduction to Islam and Islamic history.  Analyses the diverse phenomena of Islamist politics in the Middle East and North Africa.  Countries explored include Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, and Algeria. Will also consider Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Yemen.

INAF 459 Sem: Arab Spring Revolutions in 2011
In early 2011, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and other Arab countries experienced popular uprisings to bring down old authoritarian leaders and demand democratic rule. This course analyzes the background factors of each country, while examining the different revolutionary outcomes. Students interpret these historical events in terms of general theories about social movements and revolutions around the world.