Fall 2018 Course Descriptions for
Health Services Management and Leadership

Formerly Healthcare Management

HSL 135 U.S. Health Law
This course provides a discussion of the principles of healthcare management and leadership and how organizational behavior plays a role in successful health leadership.

HSL 200 U.S. Health Systems
This course provides students with an understanding of the current American health care system including its history and evolution. The structure of the health care system, financing of health care, provider components, and the legal and regulatory framework within which our system operates will be addressed. The American system will be compared to health care systems globally and national issues such as public health, consumerism, access to and quality of care, health care reform, pay for performance, and managed care organizations will be discussed.

HSL 325 Human Resources in Health Services Management
Human Resource Management deals with assessing the need for and the supply of professional and other personnel. Functions include recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and evaluation of such personnel and examining ways to evaluate productivity and monitor accountability for results. Prerequisite: HSL 200.

HSL 335 Health Services Marketing
Health Services  marketing deals with the processes of deciding what healthcare services to offer, which groups of consumers to serve, where the services should be provided, how services should be promoted to potential consumers & providers, and how prices for services should be determined. This course will also focus on social marketing which persuades consumers with high risk health behavior to change this behavior. There will be a community health project related to social marketing that the students will implement based on the needs of the community health organization. Prerequisite: HSL 200.

HSL 400 Healthcare Strategic Management and Leadership
This course is the capstone course for the healthcare management undergraduate major. Based on learning outcomes of the major courses, this capstone course will discuss strategic management in the health care industry. Senior status.