Fall 2018 Course Descriptions for

EDU 271 School and Society
Chronicles the social, political, economic, and historical background of the contemporary American school system. Demonstrates how social forces have shaped the curriculum, organization, and purposes of formal education. ESOL infused course.

EDU 280 Diversity in American Education
Examines cultural pluralism in the classroom: multicultural education, diversity and teaching, bilingual education, racism, tracking, and teacher preparation. ESOL stand alone course.

EDU 310 Teaching in a 21st Century Classroom
This course offers the students a first hand study of the components of a 21st century classroom. They will learn about cutting edge techniques, software, hardware and learning styles of today's digital native.

EDU 324 Curriculum and Educational Assessment with Diverse Learners
Addresses organization and curriculum development in elementary and secondary schools including instructional goals and basic teaching strategies. ESOL stand alone course.

EDU 417 Teaching (Particular Subject) in Middle and Secondary Schools
Explores selection, evaluation, and use of instructional materials to adapt a college major to middle and secondary school. Corequisite:EDU 417L. Prerequisite: Secondary certification only. Corequisite: EDU 417L.

EDU 417L Teaching (Particular Subject) in Middle and Secondary School Lab
Requires preinternship field experience of at least four hours weekly in middle and secondary school. Corequisite: EDU 417.

EDU 470 Classroom Management
The survey course, taken during the student teaching semester, helps to prepare future teachers in the planning of instruction, organization of classrooms, and the management of student learning. Not only are day-to-day items facing the teachers explored, but also the course examines topics pertaining to teaching such as child abuse, assessments, and job-hunting skills. The ETEP portfolio based on the Florida Competencies must be completed at the performance beginning teacher level. Corequisite: EDU 491.

EDU 490 Student Teaching: Elementary
Provides full-time experience integrating and applying skills in approved local school under direction of master teacher. Prerequisite: All Education major requirements.  Corequisite: EDU 470.

EDU 491 Student Teaching: Secondary
Provides full-time experience integrating and applying skills in an approved local school under direction of a master teacher. Corequisite: EDU 470.

EED 364 Science for Elementary Schools
Stresses major concepts and processes of science:process skills, inquiry strategies, problem solving, environmental and ecological issues, and science in today’s society. Prerequisite: two courses from among EDU 271, 272, 280 and 324.

EED 367 Health and Physical Education for Elementary Schools
Discusses methods for physical activities for children, concepts and materials of health education, and values underlying programs of personal fitness for children.

EED 368 Math for Elementary Teachers, Content, and Methods
Combines mathematical content and teaching methods based on NCTM Standards. Emphasizes problem solving while covering numeration, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability, and number operations. Prerequisite: Elementary Education major and one other methods course.

RED 309 Fundamentals of Reading
Examines the foundations of reading instruction from historical, linguistic, social, psychological, cognitive, and curricular perspectives. Theoretical base for reading and language arts methodology courses. Explores basic phonics instruction, reading programs in use, nature of reading and writing processes, and balanced approach to reading instruction. Prerequisite: Passing scores on the General Knowledge (GK) test of the Florida Teacher Certification Exam. Corequisite: RED 369

RED 369 Research-Based Practices in Literacy Instruction
Teacher candidates will scaffold student learning by applying comprehensive instructional practices integrating the six components of reading. Teacher candidates will review recent research with an emphasis on techniques used to implement literature and writing experiences across the elementary school curriculum. Corequisite: RED 309