Tuition Due Dates

Tuition deadline for all programs except Counseling: Monday, January 11, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

Tuition deadline for Counseling: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 at 5:00 pm


  • Undergraduate programs - $445 per semester hour.
  • Counseling - $591 per semester hour.
  • Applied Behavior Analysis in Clinical Science - $575 per semester hour.
  • Education - $510 per semester hour.
  • Health Services Administration - $598 per semester hour.
  • Human Resources - $599 per semester hour.
  • Liberal Studies - $450 per semester hour.

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Refund Schedule

All withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the Holt School Office or Graduate Coordinator. Tuition credit is first applied to existing unpaid balance. No refunds after published dates.

Refund Schedule - full term courses only

100% refund Before first published meeting date
75%   January 12-19
50%   January 20-26
25%   January 27-February 1 (25% refund does not apply to graduate programs)

Intensive courses

Withdrawal and refund deadlines will differ for courses offered on an intensive format. Generally, 50% for withdrawal before the second scheduled class meeting.

Payment by Financial Aid

Financial aid recipients who have received the Rollins award letters may defer all or part of their payment (depending on the award) until the aid becomes available. Deferment of tuition for financial aid applicants is an extension of the payment due date. It is NOT a guarantee of eligibility for financial aid. Students are ultimately responsible for the full cost of tuition and fees. The amount of financial aid that is reflected on the student account on the date of registration is what the Holt School will consider when reviewing payments. Students have the responsibility to determine and pay any remaining balance prior to the payment deadline in order to avoid additional late payment fees. Students who anticipate financial aid and subsequently learn that aid has been reduced, denied, or withdrawn must either pay the full tuition balance or complete a written request to be withdrawn without financial penalty by the end of the first week of classes in order to avoid being held financially responsible for their classes and late payment fees. The Holt School is not involved or aware of decisions regarding the status of student aid and does not automatically withdraw. The student has responsibility for this. There is important Information About Making Schedule Changes for Florida Bright Futures Recipients.

Payment by Corporate Sponsor

Some employers have a billing agreement with the Rollins College Office of the Bursar. Students attending under one of these agreements must have a signed, authorized form on file in the Bursar’s Office at the time of registration in order to defer tuition payment. If the original form is not on record at the time of registration, the student may register by paying 25% of tuition due plus fees.