International Affairs

Cultures and Languages
ANT 200 Cultural Anthropology
ANT 205H Topic: Asian Film and Culture
ANT 301 Nutrition and Health
ANT 207 Anthropology of Modern Africa
JPN 102 Elem Japanese II
JPN 202 Intermed Japanese II
SPN 101 Elementary Spanish I

Economics and Business
BUS 215 Micro & Macro Economics
ECO 202 Econ in Historical Perspective
ECO 242 Economics, Media, Propaganda
ECO 323 Pol Econ of Chinese Devel
INAF 315K Topic: The Innovation Factory

History and Politics
EDU 347 Global Perspectives of Education
HIS 120 Decade: Holocaust
HIS 161 Modern China
HIS 265L Topic: Digital History
INAF 232 World Issues of Our Times
INAF 311 Politics of Israel & Palestine
PHI 321 Ethics and Political Realism

INAF 415H Sem:Arab Dem Rev Spring 2011