Core Requirement
HUM 303 Humanities: Ancient
HUM 305 Hum: Classicism & Romanticism

Major Elective
HUM 315D Tpc:Wartime-Life, Exp, Memory
PHI 214 Philosophy in Literature

Expressive Arts
MUS 165 History of Rock & Roll
THE 205 History of American Musical Theatre

HIS 120 Decade: Holocaust
HIS 141 African-American History II
HIS 161 Modern China
HIS 265L Topic: Digital History
HUM 315D Tpc: Wartime-Life, Exp, Memory

ENG 190 Irish Literature
ENG 221 Coming of Age in World Literature
ENG 221 Transnational Literature
ENG 231 Bible as Literature
ENG 304C Poetics of the Perverse
ENG 312 Shakespeare
ENG 390 Barrett and Browing

Philosophy/Religious Studies
REL 126 New Testament
PHI 214 Philosophy in Literature
PHI 321 Ethics and Polictial Realism