General Education Requirements

To be eligible for a bachelor of arts degree, students must complete one course from each of the general education areas listed below:

Expressive Arts (A)

DAN 177 Jazz I
DAN 179 Modern I
DAN 277 Jazz II
DAN 279 Modern II
DAN 394 Inter/Adv Dance Technique
MUS 165 History of Rock & Roll

Non-Western Cultures (C)

ANT 200 Cultural Anthropology
ANT 301 Nutrition and Health
COM 240 Intercultural Communication
HIS 161 Modern China

Knowlege of Western Culture (H)

ARH Italian Renaissance Art
BUS 215 Micro & Macro Economics
ECO 202 Econ in Historical Perspective
EDU 271 School & Society
HIS 171 African-American History II
HIS 265L Topic: Digital History
HUM 303 Humanities: Ancient
HUM 305 Hum: Classicism & Romanticism
HUM 315D Tpc:Wartime-Life, Experience, & Memory
MUS 362 Music History II
REL 126 New Testament
THE 205 History Amer Musical Theatre

Intro to the Liberal Studies (I)

INT 200M Liberal Arts Education in US

Awareness of Literature (L)

ENG 190 Madness and Mischief
ENG 190 Irish Literature
ENG 221 Coming of Age in World Lit
ENG 231 Bible as Literature
ENG 232 Literature & Experience
ENG 234 Great Verse
ENG 234 Game of Thrones
ENG 234 Sel Studies: Graphic Novel
ENG 242 Cont American Short Fiction
ENG 310 Hoarders
ENG 312 Shakespeare

Scientific Perspective (P)

BIO 103 Biology for Everyday Life
BIO 111 Human Genetics
ENV 216 Ecology

Quantitative Thinking (Q)

BUS 241 Business Analysis
INT 221 Statistics for Social Science
MAT 108 Essential Math with Lab
PSY 306 Statistics and Decision Making

Writing Reinforcement (R)

ENG 300B Expos Writ: Informal Essay
ENG 300D Expos Writ: Journalistic Essay
ENG 300E Expos Writ:Documented Invest
ENG 300H Expos Writ:Persuasive Writing
ENG 380 Language Studies
MUS 320 Writing About Music

Oral Communication (T)

COM 210 Public Speaking
PSY 211 Social Psychology

Written Communication (W)

ENG 140 Writing About (Any Topic)