International Affairs

INAF 232 World Issues of Our Times
A forum for the development of informed attitudes and opinions on issues of international significance, evaluated from the viewpoint of American foreign policy and national interest. Both a substantive and a geographical approach are used, including development, globalization, terrorism, energy, environment, trade, defense and security, and in the context of the foreign relations of the U.S. with different regions of the world. The core readings and materials are derived from the yearly national Foreign Policy Associations' Great Decisions program

INAF 311 Politics of Israel & Palestine
Students will focus on critical issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, surrounding the failed Oslo peace talks. But they also learn about the conflict's origins in earlier events surrounding the Holocaust. It is essential to comprehend these origins to understand what is happening today.

INAF 315K Topic: The Innovation Factory
This course will examine the methods by which serial entrepreneurs, high-tech incubators, and sophisticated start-up companies attempt to bypass the extremely high failure rate normally associated with new ventures. Students will gain theoretical and practical experience with a range of tools, from the 'lean start up' methodology developed in Silicon Valley to the Kanban system associated with Japan's Toyota corporation.  The Innovation Factory would be a particularly appropriate course for students who are actively considering or launching an entrepreneurial project.

INAF 415H Seminar: Arab Demcratc Spring
In early 2011, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and other Arab countries experienced popular uprisings to bring down old authoritarian leaders and demand democratic rule. This course analyzes the background factors of each country, while examining the different revolutionary outcomes. Students interpret these historical events in terms of general theories about social movements and revolutions around the world.
Prerequisite: INAF majors and minors only.