HIS 120 Decade of Decision: Holocaust

To familiarize the student with an event in which millions of people, including six million Jewish individuals, were deliberately and systematically murdered by institutions associated with Nazi Germany.

HIS 141 African-American History II
Reconstruction to Present Day: Surveys the political, social, and economic issues shaping African-American experiences from the Reconstruction Era to present day. Note: HIS 140 African-American History I is NOT required to take this course.

HIS 161 Modern China
Introduction to modern Chinese history from the Opium War to the present. Themes include the Western intrusion, rise of nationalism, cultural and identity crises, revolutions, and current economic reform. Appropriate for nonmajors. (Asia)

HIS 265L Topic: Digital History
This course will examine major themes in U.S. historiography from the late nineteenth century to the present day with an emphasis on archival research and public exhibition. Drawing on archival repositories in the region, students will document the political, social, and economic transformation of Florida. Special emphasis will be placed on groups, incidents, and perspectives under explored in traditional history courses.