Heatlhcare Management

HCM 135 Healthcare Law & Ethics
This course introduces students to the legal and ethical environment of healthcare. It will assist students in identifying and analyzing ethical issues, while giving students practical decision-making skills. Basic legal content such as patient rights, contracts, torts, malpractice, and alternative dispute resolution will be covered.

HCM 200 The Healthcare System
This course provides students with an understanding of the current American health care system including its history and evolution. The structure of the health care system, financing of health care, provider components, and the legal and regulatory framework within which our system operates will be addressed. The American system will be compared to health care systems globally and national issues such as public health, consumerism, access to and quality of care, health care reform, pay for performance, and managed care organizations will be discussed.

HCM 315 Healthcare Management & Governance.
Healthcare Governance and Organizational Structure deals with the development and analysis of the organizational structure and with delineating responsibility, authority, and accountability at all levels of the organization. Functions include the development and implementation of policies and procedures for the governance process. General management deals with processes such as planning, organizing, directing, and controlling in addressing overall organizational objectives. Prerequisite: HCM 200.

HCM 325 Human Resources in Healthcare
Human Resource Management deals with assessing the need for and the supply of professional and other personnel. Functions include recruitment, selection, training, compensation, and evaluation of such personnel and examining ways to evaluate productivity and monitor accountability for results.
Prerequisite: HCM 200.

HCM 355 Healthcare Finance and Economics
Healthcare Finance deals with the planning, development, establishment, analysis, and assessment of financial management processes for an organization's capital, budget, accounting, and related reporting systems. Prerequisite: HCM 200.

HCM 397 HCM Practicum
The practicum is designed to provide students a carefully monitored experience in an approved healthcare organization.  Students may (1) select an internship from a list of opportunities generated by Career Services; (2) seek approval of a site of their own choosing (following Rollins’ guidelines), or (3) propose an independent study or project for approval by a member of the BSE Faculty.
Prerequisite: HCM 315, 325, and 335.