Film Studies

FIL 350B Special Topics in Film Studies: Seminar in Cult Cinema
Defined as social, cult cinema is about the enthusiastic audience a movie acquires over time. Devotees argue it's also about late night screenings, dialogue that brands itself onto your brain, and a taste for the unusual. Cult cinema is marked by an ethics of endurance and the cultural politics of oppositional tastes. In this course we will explore the history and theories behind the phenomena of Cult and Genre—including Sci-fi, Horror, and Exploitation—and together experience cinematic works that not only afford memorable viewing experiences, but also create rich possibilities for discussions and writing assignments that focus on describing, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating. This course partners with Enzian Theater’s Cult Classic series, offered twice per month in 35mm on their big screen in Maitland, FL.
Materials Fee: $48