Environmental Studies

ENV 216 Ecology with Lab
Explores relationships of organisms and environments, including population, community, and ecosystem ecology. Focuses on aquatic and terrestrial systems of Central Florida. Lab required.
Prerequisite: Junior/senior status. ENV 120 and ENV 130.

ENV 270 Environmental Literature
Features poets, novelists, and essayists who have spoken out strongly for preservation of the environment:Whitman, Thoreau, Emerson, Burroughs, Muir, Austin, Carson, and Abbey.

ENV 325 Natural Habitats of Central Florida
Investigates complex interactions between climate, landforms, soils, plants, and animals. Teaches ecosystem mapping techniques.
Prerequisite: ENV 120 or ENV 130

ENV 380 American Environmental History
Follows the changing patterns of land and resource use. Examines the displacement of Native Americans, expansion of the frontier, the progressive conservation movement, and development of contemporary environmentalism.  Previously offered as ENV 280.
Prerequisite: ENV 189.

ENV 386 Environmental Law
Introduces the interpretation and application of federal, state, and local environmental regulations in the U.S. Focuses on national and local land-use planning and federal judicial response to environmental problems past and present. Covers air and water pollution, dredge-and-fill laws, historic preservation, toxic-waste, and growth management regulations.
Recommended: ENV 120 and 189.