DAN 170 Ballet
Introduces fundamental concepts and historical background. Presents positions and barre exercises to build correct alignment, flexibility, strength, coordination, and ballet vocabulary.

DAN 177 Jazz I
Introduces fundamental concepts and historical background. Works in studio on body placement and alignment through highly-structured classical jazz warm-up (LUIGI). Values clarity and quality of movement, rhythm, style, and use of dynamics.

DAN 179 Modern Dance I
Introduces fundamental concepts and historical background. Focuses on style, phrasing, mood projection, and changing dynamics.

DAN 270 Ballet II
Drills pirouettes and longer and more complex "adages" and "allegros." Completes ballet theory and essentials of technique.
Prerequisite: DAN 170 or consent.

DAN 277 Jazz II
Concentrates studio work on more complicated combinations, changes of direction, and initiation of pirouettes. Includes historical research, critical studies, and vocabulary building.
Prerequisite: DAN 177 or consent.

DAN 279 Modern Dance II
Builds on technique and includes history, theory, and vocabulary.
Prerequisite: DAN 179 or consent.

DAN 394 Intermediate/Advanced Dance Technique
Offers heightened movement experience with greater emphasis on technical development and performance. Includes weekly classes in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. May be repeated for credit.
Prerequisite: Consent.