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The Hamilton Holt School conducts all student registrations online using FoxLink. Registration is restricted to students in good academic and financial standing who have attended at least one of the previous three semesters. Students who do not have access to the internet from home or work may use the computing labs, located in the Olin Library, during normal hours of operation. There is also a student computing station located in the Holt School office.

The I.T. Help Desk (407-628-6363) is available should students encounter technical problems. Please view their website for hours of operation. Students should follow the report error messages received while attempting online registration to the Help Desk by phone or email

check in

All Holt students must go through a Check-In process prior to registration. This process creates time-tickets that allow you to register. Time-tickets are issued based on credit hours earned. The Check-In process is open one week prior to senior registration each term. Checking in early decreased delay when registering.

The Check-In process also provides an opportunity for you to update your contact information. It is important that we have accurate contact information in case we need to contact you regarding a waitlisted course or change to your schedule.

rollins email address

Correspondence from the Hamilton Holt School will be sent to the student's official College '' email account. Students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with College-related communications.

waitlist yourself for a course

The Holt School uses a wait-list system for courses that have reached capacity. If a course is filled, you must indicate you wish to be placed on the wait list by selecting "Wait-List" from the drop-down menu and submitting the registration again. Your selection will be shown again confirming that you are wait-listed.

There are cases when a course either does not have a waitlist option or the waitlist is already full. Students should make another course selection in these cases.

Graduate (with the exception of Counseling) and undergraduate programs in the Holt School administratively maintain separate waiting lists through the first week of classes. Instructor overrides are not accepted. Students are prohibited from attending courses without official registration.

Please note that even though you are not officially registered for wait-listed courses, they will appear on all FoxLink schedule viewing forms with the status of WL (wait-listed) instead of RE (registered).  The WL status is not reflected on the schedule option viewed by day and time.  Please note the inclusion of wait-listed courses when using this schedule view option.


Tuition due dates are specified for each term under the Payment page. Students who fail to meet those deadlines will be placed on a Bursar's hold and prevented from registering for subsequent terms and receiving official transcripts until the issue is resolved.

non attendance policy

The Holt School does not automatically withdraw students for unpaid balances, but reserves the right to do so if such students are registered for courses that have waiting lists.  In this case, the student will be withdrawn after the payment deadline, notified of the withdrawal in writing, and receive a full relevant tuition credit. Late payment fees will remain on the student account to cover incurred administrative time and costs.

payment by financial aid

Financial aid recipients who have received the Rollins award letters may defer all or part of their payment (depending on the award) until the aid becomes available. Deferment of tuition for financial aid applicants is an extension of the payment due date. It is NOT a guarantee of eligibility for financial aid. Students are ultimately responsible for the full cost of tuition and fees. The amount of financial aid that is reflected on the student account on the date of registration is what the Holt School will consider when reviewing payments. Students have the responsibility to determine and pay any remaining balance prior to the payment deadline in order to avoid additional late payment fees. Students who anticipate financial aid and subsequently learn that aid has been reduced, denied, or withdrawn must either pay the full tuition balance or complete a written request to be withdrawn without financial penalty by the end of the first week of classes in order to avoid being held financially responsible for their classes and late payment fees. The Holt School is not involved or aware of decisions regarding the status of student aid and does not automatically withdraw. The student has responsibility for this. There is important Information About Making Schedule Changes for Florida Bright Futures Recipients. 

payment by corporate sponsors

Some employers have a billing agreement with the Rollins College Office of the Bursar. Students attending under one of these agreements must have a signed, authorized form on file in the Bursar’s Office at the time of registration in order to defer tuition payment. If the original form is not on record at the time of registration, the student may register by paying 25% of tuition due plus fees.

tuition discounts

Alumni with Bachelor's or Master's Degrees, and current adjunct faculty in academic programs are eligible for a 20% tuition discount on undergraduate course tuition. Alumni with a MA in Counseling from Rollins College are also eligible for a 20% tuition discount on graduate counseling course tuition.  Proof of employment or graduation may be required in some instances.