Participation in Summer Terms

A&S/CPS students are also welcome to participate in Holt School summer courses.  During summer terms, A&S/CPS students are expected to pay full tuition and fees for Holt School courses taken.  A&S/CPS students may register online according to hours earned. Please refer to the Holt School Registration Instructions for directions.  Contact the Holt School Office with registration or payment questions. Note: There are limitations on the number of hours A&S/CPS students are permitted to take during the summer, including Maymester and Holt.

A&S/CPS may register for Summer 2015 courses online beginning March 31 at Noon.

The above stated policies and procedures regarding approvals, attendance, and waiting lists are also applicable to the summer terms.


Students are held responsible for attendance and participation in courses. The Holt School does not automatically withdraw students who do not participate. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate registration changes or withdrawals on his/her own behalf. Published withdrawal policies will be enforced. Students will be held personally and academically responsible for attendance and participation in Holt School courses.

A&S & CPS Students taking Holt Classes

Sophomores, juniors, and seniors enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences or the College of Professional Studies (A&S/CPS) are welcome to register for one undergraduate course per academic year in the Hamilton Holt School on a tuition-free basis, if approved by their academic advisor. Students interested in taking a Holt School course should contact the Office of Student Records at 407646-2144.

Holt School courses generally have the same academic value as A&S/CPS courses. Grades earned are calculated as part of the student's grade point average. Students desiring to fulfill general education requirements through Holt School course work must obtain advance permission, in writing, from the Office of Student Records. Students who want a Holt School course to apply toward major requirements in their program must obtain advance permission, in writing, from the chair of their major program.

In an effort to ensure the availability of Holt School courses to the student population they were designed to serve, A&S/CPS students are registered on a space-available basis. A maximum of five (5) Arts and Sciences students may register for any given course.

Overrides and Waiting Lists

Instructor overrides into closed courses are not accepted in the Holt School.  The Holt School utilizes a waiting list process to manage closed courses. Waiting lists are restricted to Holt School students. A&S/CPS students may not attend courses unless they have received notification that their registration request was approved and processed. Students who illegally attend courses for which they are not registered will not receive academic credit.