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Department of Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies Programs at Rollins

Learn more about the department's environmental studies major and minor and sustainable development minor.

Real-World Experience

In the ENV365F Environment and Development in Central America course, faculty and students take part in a field study in Costa Rica to understand the social and historical context and management issues in protected areas around the world.


Major in Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies curriculum provides a foundation of knowledge that enables students to analyze and recommend actions on environmental issues, problems, and opportunities. It also offers preparation for an environmental career; broad background in several related areas of study or concentration in a particular discipline; and a basis for graduate study.

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Minor in Sustainable Development and the Environment

The program starts from the premise that the world faces two interrelated ethical crises; 1) the need to provide a decent quality of life for all the world’s inhabitants and 2) the need to protect the earth’s natural systems on which all life depends. Likely, the earth cannot sustain the spread of a pattern of “development” present in the now developed nations.  Indeed, many vital ecosystems are already overstressed and near collapse.

It is necessary to develop an alternative path to economic and human development that is consistent with, rather than contrary to, the laws of nature –

a development strategy that is both regenerative and sustainable.

This program explores both theoretical and practical development strategies that are ecologically, socially, and economically sustainable.


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