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Department of Environmental Studies

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Lee Lines, PhD

Lee Lines, PhD

Professor of Environmental Studies, Chair

Beal Maltbie Center - Room 111

T. 407.628.6377

Curriculum Vitae

Ph.D. Arizona State University, 1995
M.A. University of Florida, 1989
B.A. University of Florida, 1987

Professional interests include:
Physical Geography; Food and Sustainability; Climate Change; Sustainable Development; Conservation of Biodiversity; Geography of Florida and western North America.

Spring 2022 Courses

ENV130  The Geosphere with Lab

ENV413 Senior Seminar: Environmental Issues

Dr. Lines Webex link:


Barry Allen, PhD

Barry Allen, PhD

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Beal Maltbie Center - Room 110

T. 407.646.2647

Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania, 1979
B.A. University of Miami, 1970
London School of Economics & Political Science

Professional interests and specializations include environmental economics, national park policy, sustainable development, and globalization.

Spring 2022 Courses

ENV348 Sustainable Development

ENV365 Environment & Develoment in Central America

RFLA300  America's Gifts: Jazz, Baseball and National Parks

Dr. Allen's WebEx link:


Bruce Stephenson, PhD

Bruce Stephenson, PhD

Professor of Environmental Studies

Beal Maltbie Center - Room 109

T. 407.646.1587

Ph.D. Emory University, 1988
M.A. Ohio State University, 1978
B.A. Florida Southern College, 1976

Spring 2022 Courses

ENV389  Environmental Planning

ENV270 Environmental Literature

ENV289 Nature in the City

Dr. Stephenson WebEx link:

Orlando Metropolitan Greenspaces - Field based student research

A former city planner, Stephenson continues to consult and teaches courses examining the intersection of urban sustainability, city planning, and landscape architecture. His 2015 biography, John Nolen, Landscape Architect and City Planner, won the JB Jackson book award, and his latest work appears in Iconic Planned Communities and the Challenge of Change.  His new book, Portland's Good Life: Sustainability and Hope in an American City is due out Spring 2021. 

Leslie Kemp Poole, PhD

Leslie Kemp Poole, PhD

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Beal Maltbie Center - Room 105


Ph.D. University of Florida, 2012
MLS Rollins College, 1991
B.S Journalism, University of Florida, 1978

Professional interests and specializations include the history of the environmental movement, particularly the grassroots organizers that, in Florida and across the country, included many women. Author of "Saving Florida: Women's Fight for the Environment in the Twentieth Century."
In her spare time, she likes to hike and kayak around the state.

Spring 2022 Courses

ENV189  Environmental Crisis in the Cultural Context

ENV340 Environmental Justice 

ENV380 American Environmental History

Dr. Poole WebEx link:

Emily Nodine, PhD

Emily Nodine, PhD

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Beal Maltbie Center - Room 102


Ph.D. Florida International University, 2014
M.S. Johns Hopkins University, 2005
B.A. New College of Florida, 1996

Professional interests and specializations include links between climate and the biosphere, aquatic and coastal ecosystems, wetland ecology and restoration, and scales of disturbance.

Spring 2022 Courses

ENV413 Senior Seminar: Environmental Issues 

RFLA200 Springs, Swamps, and Sinkholes 

Dr. Nodine WebEx link:


Laura Gustafson-Hullinger

Program Coordinator

Beal Maltbie Center, room 107


Laura Gustafson-Hullinger is a graduate from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelors of Integrative General Studies specializing in Education, Womens Studies, Anthropology, and Environmental Studies. Laura previously worked as the Public Programs Coordinator at the Orlando Science Center and is passionate about connecting the Orlando community with ongoing environmental and sustainability efforts in the greater Orlando area. 

Rollins College student-run Sustainability Program

Joseph V. Siry, PhD - Emeriti

Associate Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies