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Department of English

Policies and Faculty Resources

These pages collect useful information for Department of English faculty, staff and studies, including departmental guidelines and a series of resource pages for developing and sustaining a successful ENG140 Writing About: Selected Topics course.

Criteria for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion

Following the newly-adopted Article VIII on Faculty Evaluations in the Rollins College Bylaws of the Faculty of College of Liberal Arts, the English Department expects candidates to make a strong case for being awarded tenure and promotion. Neither tenure nor promotion is a right, and neither is to be given for work that is merely competent or acceptable. We support fully the emphasis in the Bylaws on teaching excellence, active scholarship (broadly defined), and college service. The department's criteria shall be used to evaluate the merits of the application of all candidates for reappointment, tenure, and promotion.
Tenure Criteria (PDF)

Policies for Day and Evening Courses

The Department of English commits to maintaining the same standard of excellence across its Hamilton Holt and College of Liberal Arts curricula.

All English courses that commence after 4:00 p.m. follow the policies of the Hamilton Holt School. To meet the number of contact hours required for Holt courses, evening classes offered once a week must meet fifteen times during the semester. While College of Liberal Arts classes cancel meetings for scheduled breaks (i.e. Fall Break), unscheduled breaks (i.e. Fox Day), and reading days, students enrolled in evening courses are required to meet during those times.

In evening courses, final examinations will be administered during the fifteenth meeting of the semester.

In day courses, final examinations will be administered as designated by the College of Liberal Arts final examination schedule.

Learning Outcomes and English 140

ENG Learning Outcomes

The goal of 140 is to transition students from their high school writing practices to college level writing, specifically the academic argumentative writing they will be required to do at Rollins.