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Upcoming Religious Observations

rFLA Canvas Site

  • Full of resources like model assignments and AAC&U rubrics
  • Will be available on August 1

Fall 2019 Foundations Summit

  • Tuesday, Dec 3, 9-10:30
  • All 200 level students are required to attend.

rFLA Syllabus Templates

2019 Common Read Anthology:  Global Citizenship

  • Work especially well on the first and last day of class
  • The readings in the anthology are listed below and will be available on the Canvas rFLA Faculty page:
    • Jose Antonio Vargas, “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant,” New York Times Magazine June 22, 2011. (Vargas will visit campus Oct 17.)
    • Arjun Appadurai, selection from “Disjuncture and Difference in the Global Cultural Economy,” Theory Culture Society (1990)
    • Elizabeth Bishop’s “Questions of Travel” (1956)
    • Olaudah Equiano, selection from The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano (1789)
    • Langston Hughes, “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” (1920)
    • Walt Whitman, “Salut au Monde!” (1860)
    • Patrick Schmidt, “The Limits of My Language Are the Limits of My World”  (2014)
    • Anthony Ogden, “The View from the Veranda: Understanding Today’s Colonial Student,” Interdisciplinary Journal of Study Abroad (2007)
    • Mike Gunter, Jr., “Conclusion,” Tales of an Ecotourist: What Travel to Wild Places Can Teach Us About Climate Change (2017)
    • Pico Iyer, “Why We Travel,” Salon, (March 18, 2000) 
    • Mike Peed, We Have No Bananas,” New Yorker (Jan 10, 2011) 
    • E.O. Wilson, “Alien Invaders from Planet Earth,” The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth (2007)
    • Susan Casey, “Garbage In, Garbage Out” (2010) 
    • June Jordan, “Report from the Bahamas, 1982"

Winter Park Institute Events

Through public lectures and readings, symposiums, seminars, master classes, interviews, and special-interest sessions, Winter Park Institute at Rollins College brings together thought leaders from a broad spectrum of disciplines and expertise.  For more information and the upcoming schedule, visit their website.

Annie Russell Theatre Events

The longest continuously operating theater in Florida and named to the National Register of Historic Places, the Annie Russell Theatre stages an exciting season of musicals and plays that feature student performers. For more information and the upcoming schedule, visit their website.

Cornell Fine Arts Museum (CFAM)

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College is a teaching museum that stimulates transformative encounters with works of art while integrating art learning into daily life for campus and community.  For more information and the upcoming schedule, visit their website.

Department of Art and Art History

In addition to its curricular offerings, the Department of Art enjoys a close working relationship with the Cornell Fine Arts Museum (CFAM), located next door on campus. The Museum hosts changing exhibitions, lectures, and educational programs. Each year, senior art majors present an exhibition of their work at the Museum. For more information, visit their website or the CFAM website.

Music at Rollins

The Department of Music serves as a cultural center for the Central Florida community by presenting performances, lectures, and master classes by residents and guest artists of outstanding merit. For more information and the upcoming schedule of music events, visit their website.

Winter with the Writers

Winter With the Writers offers top-flight literary experiences to the communities of Rollins College, Winter Park, and Central Florida. Sponsored by the Rollins Department of English, this festival of the literary arts couples world-class writers with the College’s creative environment, encouraging an appreciation of literary excellence in our American culture.  For more information and the upcoming schedule, visit their website.

If you’d like to meet with a member of the Center for Leadership & Community Engagement (CLCE) team to chat through a course idea or proposal, contact Meredith Hein, Director with Leadership & Community Engagement (, 407-691-1021).

Questions about the CE designation may be directed to Meredith Hein or Gabriel Barreneche,  Associate Dean for Advising (

CE Course Designation

  • The CE (Community Engagement) Course Designation Form is a available on the rPublic website, as is a rubric and checklist for CE Course Designation.  
  • Deadline for submission for CE Course Designation will be announced via email from Meredith Hein.
  • If you are teaching a course with the same CE component as offered in past courses (where you have already received CE designation), please send an email to stating your intention to teach the course again, and please include the course number, course title, a previous syllabus, and info regarding community partnerships (if you already have it) as well.

Financial Support for CE Courses

The Center for Leadership & Community Engagement (CLCE) would like to honor the efforts of applying for the CE course designation. For the Fall of 2019, they have $400 available for each course to support the community engagement component. If you have items you’d like to purchase using that money (supplies, reimbursement for travel, food, etc.), please work with the CLCE in advance to accommodate your request. If you have budget needs above this amount, the CLCE will work with you to meet the needs of your course.

Transportation Options

Transportation is always a need when it comes to community engagement. You can reserve one of our two JUMP Buses online: just make sure to follow these guidelines.

Zipcar is another option to consider too.  They are currently parked in the Hauck lot; however, that could change do to the construction projects on campus.

Students are welcome to use rideshare apps as well (Uber, Lyft) or their own transportation, but you will want to make sure that the appropriate waivers are signed for off-campus travel of any sort. These waivers can be found utilizing Foxlink and sent to students in advance. Meredith Hein will send along the detailed directions for waivers next semester.

Classroom Presentations about CE Course

The CLCE can send a team member to your course to talk about CE Courses, connecting this work to their majors, or facilitating various workshops on various topics around “What is Service?,” Civic Engagement, Leadership Development, Rollins Commitment to Service, Social Change/Movements, and more. Please contact Meredith Hein as soon as possible, so we can chat through options.

CE Mentoring Program

Those teaching a CE course for the first time (and interested others) have the opportunity to participate in the CE Mentoring Program. The CLCE will match you with a CE Faculty Fellow to give you another resource beyond their office. Mentors will be available for 3 meetings: 1 towards the beginning of the semester/semester before as you work on your course, 1 during the semester as your CE work is more fully developed, and 1 final meeting after your wrap up your course.

If you are interested in being connected to a mentor, please email Meredith Hein.


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