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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

Funded Opportunities & Grants

Faculty Development Grants 

The Office of Grants & Sponsored Research offers a comprehensive list of internal grants available at Rollins. External funds may also be available for specific professional development plans.  See their "Find Funding" page, or contact Devon Massot

The Endeavor Center also offers small sources of funding for various opportunities, described below.

Highlighted Faculty Development Grants

See below for some highlighted faculty development grants and funded opportunities from across campus.

Would you like to host and facilitate your own book discussion?  Apply for the Endeavor Center to purchase up to $300 for books and/or refreshments for the group.   

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Teaching squares are groups of four faculty members who visit each other’s classes -- to learn from each other, not to evaluate each other -- once or twice, and then get together to debrief and discuss what they learned from the experiences. Groups of three are encouraged to find a fourth but may also form teaching triangles.

The Endeavor Center will support the debrief conversation with up to $150 reimbursement for a meal.

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Lesson study projects are team-based studies of a single lesson, carefully developed to promote a significant learning goal. Three to six people work closely together to create, implement, and study a single lesson, typically a class period plus its preparatory and post-class homework. These projects are intensely collaborative: rather than efficiently "jigsawing" the work across the team, every step is completed collaboratively.

The Endeavor Center will support lesson study projects with $300 to each fully-participating team member--awarded upon submission of a brief explanation of the study, the first iteration of the lesson, and a study plan. An additional $450 will be awarded to each fully-participating team member upon the completion of the lesson study project and submission of a final report.

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The Rollins Diversity Council invites proposals from faculty/staff in collaboration with students to support projects in keeping with our guiding principles that will help to further our mission of increased diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice on campus. Projects should focus on the enhancement of diversity, equity and inclusion on campus. Suggestions include:

  • Designing a workshop series on diversity and inclusion for students not previously offered on campus.
  • Designing a “train the trainer” program for course redesign, pedagogical practices, or cocurricular programming never previously offered through an existing office on campus.
  • Researching and drafting a proposed policy change that could positively impact the employee or student experience
  • Revising or designing a course diversity, equity, inclusion and/or social justice that will be offered on a recurring basis
  • Research of best practices leading to increased recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty and students
  • An assessment plan for current efforts in recruitment and retention of underrepresented faculty, staff, or students
  • An assessment plan for diversity across the curriculum

Grants of $2,000 will be awarded for developing the project. Up to an additional $750 may be awarded for specified costs associated with the project. Expenses will remain limited to $750 per project.

A full description of the Diversity and Infusion Grants (including the application form) will be available soon.

Individual Development and Course Development Grants are awarded for workshops, symposia, seminars, structured study projects, conferences, and the development of material for new courses. These grants help a faculty member acquire new knowledge or develop a specific course.

Amount: up to $5,000

Contact: Chair of FRDC (see above) or Karla Knight,

Deadlines: Last Friday of September for faculty members planning sabbatical; third Friday in January for faculty members not using the grant for a sabbatical period

The Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship program provides the opportunity for students and faculty to work on original scholarship. The program is open to faculty from all disciplines, with the primary requirement being that the student and faculty member work closely together as collaborators.

The Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship program has arranged for the College to receive Enhanced Institutional membership in the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR). This membership allows all faculty, administrators, students, and staff to join the Council on Undergraduate Research as individual members at no additional cost. Participants of the Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship program may now also present research results at the CUR National Council on Undergraduate Research meeting.

The full description of the program, guidelines, and details about applying will be available later this fall.  In the meantime (and for more information), contact Chris Fuse or James Patrone, Directors of the Student-Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Program. 

See some successful proposals shared by your colleagues below: