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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

Support for Writing

The Endeavor Center supports faculty in their work as writers as they prepare presentations, publications, and grant applications. See below for a few examples.

Monthly Writing Retreats at the International House

Give yourself a monthly block of time to come to the International House to simply write -- no agenda, no program, just writing. Come and go as you please, take breaks when needed, and enjoy the opportunity for quiet and focus away from your office.  Bring your writing materials (and headphones, if you need to cancel out the ambient noise). Those practicing the Pomodoro technique can step out onto the patio to take a break, stretch your legs, and chat. Coffee, tea, sodas, fizzy water, and snacks provided throughout the day.

View the current Writing Retreat schedule here.  


If you're looking for someone to hold you accountable as you make progress in your writing, connect with another person or two (or three), write, and check in with each other regularly, you need a writing accountability partner or group.  

How do I find a writing accountability partner?

Sign up on this sheet or reach out to someone else who's signed up.  (Once you find a partner, please remove your name, or ask Nancy Chick to remove it for you.)

What are some ideas for keeping each other accountable?

If you want a simple strategy, agree to connect (via email or, even better, in person or virtually) each week to share the following with each other:

  1. Your writing goals for the previous week
  2. Your progress toward those goals
  3. What helped or hindered that progress
  4. Your writing goals for the next week

If you want something a little more supportive, follow the Writing Accountability Group (WAG) model of a weekly meeting in which each person shares the above, plus writing goals for a 30-minute writing session during the meeting.

Johns Hopkins University's faculty development site has great resources on writing accountability groups. The simple version:

  1. Once you have your partners, set a weekly schedule to connect--in person, virtually, or via email. Writing Accountability Groups are typically 10 weeks long, but you can adapt as needed.
  2. Each partner must commit. It's about writing accountability.
  3. Go! Write, and hold each other accountable!

Happy writing!