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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Endeavor Center supports faculty in their work as writers as they prepare presentations and publications.  See below for a few examples.


SoTL Guide

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) is

  • inquiry to understand or improve student learning in higher education, and the teaching approaches & practices that affect student learning
  • informed by relevant research on teaching and learning
  • conducted by members of educational community from across campus drawing from their disciplinary expertise
  • by gathering & analyzing relevant evidence from the learners in their own specific contexts
  • shared broadly to contribute to knowledge & practices in teaching and learning

--from Nancy Chick's online SoTL Guide

See the Guide for a section on Understanding SoTL, and another on Doing SoTL.

SoTL & Pedagogy Journals

If you're looking for venues to publish your SoTL or other pedagogical scholarship, visit Kennesaw State University's helpful Teaching Journals Directory.  The directory is organized alphabetically, but notice the drop-down menus on the righthand side of the page. You can search for teaching-related journals in two helpful ways:

  • By Discipline (Thankfully, KSU's directory has a fairly robust list of different disciplines.)
  • By Topic (e.g., assessment, community engagement, diversity and inclusion, high-impact practices, technology)

Nancy Chick (Director of the Endeavor Center) is also well versed in many of these publications, so feel free to reach out to her as well. 

SoTL Travel Grants


The Endeavor Center will provide grants of up to $1,000 to full-time faculty (i.e., tenured and tenure-track faculty, lecturers, Visiting Assistant Professors) to attend a major SoTL conference in order to 

  • learn about SoTL, and share their own SoTL projects (if applicable), 
  • develop or deepen their pedagogical skills, and 
  • join the international conversations about postsecondary teaching, learning, and SoTL. 

Learn more.