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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

Teaching Squares

How It Works

Teaching squares are groups of four faculty members who visit each other’s classes -- to learn from each other, not to evaluate each other -- once or twice, and then get together to debrief and discuss what they learned from the experiences. (Groups of three may also form a Teaching Triangle.)

How Can the Endeavor Center Help?  To support the exploratory and self-reflective goals of the program, the Endeavor Center can help with any of the following:

  • recommendations for the class visits and/or the debrief,
  • supporting the debrief conversation with up to $150 reimbursement for a meal, and/or
  • if needed, finding colleagues to participate with you. (Fill out this form to indicate your interest.)

The following are also useful preparatory resources:

Introductions to Teaching Squares

Setting Up Your Teaching Square

  • A helpful manual from Northern Virginia Community College  
  • Stetson University's helpful guiidelines