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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

New Faculty Programming

Programming for New Full-Time Faculty

The Endeavor Center facilitates a signature orientation and mentoring program for each cohort of new full-time faculty.  The 2019 cohort will participate in the new faculty orientation week (August 2019), a new faculty intercession (January 2020), and monthly lunch meetings throughout the year. See the tabs below for details. 

Meet the 2019 cohort of new full-time faculty. 

For a collection of links to your arrival and onboarding resources,
please visit the Welcome Resources page


Monthly Lunch Meetings

The 2019-2020 cohort of new faculty will meet regularly throughout the year for ongoing support and meetings with key partners from across campus. These meetings will be held during the Common Hour (12:30-1:45) and will rotate in various locations around campus to encourage exploration of new-to-you spaces. Please bring your own lunch.

  • September 5 (Bush 102)
  • October 1 (CSS 167)
  • October 31 (Reeves Lodge Classroom)
  • November 26 (Olin 211)
  • January 30 (Knowles Memorial Chapel 1)
  • February 27 (Orlando Hall 115)
  • March 26 (Rex Beach Classroom 1)
  • April 28 (Beal 1)


New Faculty Intercession

This intensive week will complement the abbreviated orientation in August targeted simply at getting you ready for your first semester of classes. This series of activities will more broadly address your teaching, scholarship, and service roles.

Details will be posted in the fall.  In the meantime, save the week of January 6 - 10, 2020, for these activities.

Faculty Mentoring Program

We tailor the structure of the mentoring program to the size and makeup of each cohort. See this page for more information.


New Faculty Orientation

This orientation is specifically designed to welcome you and get you ready for your first semester of classes. The dates and times for the 2019 New Faculty Orientation are below.  Details will be sent to participants via email later in the summer. See detailed agenda here.

Beyond this specific or 'just-in-time' fall orientation, monthly meetings throughout the year will serve as a broader orientation and introduction to the wider campus.  (See next tab for details.)

Sun, Aug 18
(Barker House)

Mon, Aug 19
8:30am-4pm, 6-8
(Crummer 307)

Tue, Aug 20
(Alfond Inn)

Wed, Aug 21
(Olin 230)

Thu, Aug 22
(Van Houten Rm in Olin)

New Faculty Welcome Dinner with President Cornwell

8:30am-4pm: New Faculty Orientation activities 

6-8pm: All Faculty Welcome Dinner

Annual Welcome & Retreat for All Faculty

8:30am-1:15pm: New Faculty Orientation activities

1:15-5pm:  Human Resources Session

9-noon: Independent Work & Consultation Time

1-3: Professional Head Shots

For a collection of links to your arrival and onboarding resources,
please visit the Welcome Resources page