Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

Faculty Development Groups & Cohorts

In addition to supporting individual faculty, the Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development encourages and consults with faculty working together on their own development in formal or informal groups (e.g., faculty cohorts, teaching squares, learning communities, communities of practice).

New Faculty

In addition to the New Faculty Mentoring Program, the cohort of new faculty members will participate in the following:

  • New Faculty Orientation I: the week before classes begin in August
  • New Faculty Orientation II: the week before classes begin in January, 
  • regular lunchtime conversations throughout the year.

New faculty may also meet with the Endeavor Center director for confidential consultations and other conversations.

Read more about new faculty activities and supports here.

rFLA Faculty

Faculty who teach in the rFLA program participate in a variety of faculty development activities throughout the year, including meeting regularly for Friday afternoon faculty development activities led by Emily Russell, Associate Dean of the Curriculum. Read more here.

Book Groups

Join your colleagues in discussing a book!  The Endeavor Center will host at least one each semester. Join at any time!

Faculty may also form and host their own book group, supported by the Endeavor Center.

Learn more about these book group opportunities here.

Teaching Squares

Teaching squares are groups of four faculty members who visit each other’s classes -- to learn from each other, not to evaluate each other -- once or twice, and then get together to debrief and discuss what they learned from the experiences.

Read more about support and opportunities for teaching squares here.

Form an Assignment- or Course-Level Working Group

These Signature Working Groups focus on developing or revising specific assignments or entire courses in the Rollins general education program.

To bring different perspectives and areas of expertise to the work, faculty are strongly encouraged to include relevant members of the campus community (staff and/or students) as full partners in all of the working group's activities. 

Upon completion of the required activities, each fully participating member of working groups will receive a stipend of $500 for assignment development or redesign, or $1,000 for course development or redesign. 

Learn more.

Lesson Study Project Teams

Join two to five others in forming a lesson study project team. 

Learn more.

Campus Scholarly Consultants

If you're looking for campus colleagues willing to consult and/or collaborate with you on your scholarly activities (e.g., someone with research expertise in methods and methodologies different from your own), click here to see the list of areas for which colleagues have volunteered.