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Endeavor Foundation Center for Faculty Development

Campus Scholarly Consultants

Members of the Rollins community looking for campus colleagues willing to consult and/or collaborate on their scholarly activities (e.g., someone with research expertise in methods and methodologies different from their own), see the list below.

For contact information about any of the consultants/collaborators, email Nancy Chick.

To volunteer to serve as a potential consultant or collaborator, fill out this form

If you're from off campus and looking for an expert, consult Rollins's Expert Resource Guide.

Available Consultants

The following topics have consultants available on campus.  To contact the consultant(s) for any given topic, email Nancy Chick. 

  • Behavioral experiment design and execution
  • Designing 'experiments' or quasi-experimental research in classrooms and other real-world settings
  • Designing field experiments
  • Assessment methodology/design
  • Planning ethical human subjects research
  • Explaining research and permissions simply in cross-cultural settings
  • Action research
  • Curriculum design
  • Experiential learning
  • Collecting and analyzing quantitative data/statistics
  • Collecting and analyzing qualitative data/artifacts (interview/focus group transcripts, written work)
  • Rubric development and scoring systems
  • Surveys/questionnaire design and analysis
  • Finding existing metrics, surveys, questionnaires
  • Mathematical modeling/data analysis
  • Developing interview guides
  • Developing focus group protocols
  • Grounded theory and thematic analysis of qualitative data
  • Qualitative content analysis
  • Data visualization
  • STATA for statistical analyses
  • Mturk experiment design
  • Qualtrics and ZTree
  • Google forms+sheet integration for real-time decision-making game design
  • Authoring papers and presentations
  • Grant writing


Available Collaborators

The following topics have collaborators available on campus.  To contact the collaborator(s) for any given topic, email Nancy Chick. 

  • Community engagement for social change

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