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Department of Economics

Faculty & Staff

Our faculty has a diverse background and experience that is focused on advancing our students' knowledge and skills within the tradition of liberals arts education.


Martina Vidovic

Martina Vidovic

Department Chair / Associate Professor of Economics

T. 407.691.1380

B.S. Penn State University
Ph.D. Binghamton University

Research interests and expertise: applied microeconomics, applied econometrics, environmental economics with an emphasis on the effectiveness of voluntary pollution reduction programs and trade and the environment, and health economics.

Benjamin Balak

Benjamin Balak

Associate Professor of Economics

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 260

T. 407.691.1280

B.A. American University of Paris
Post Graduate, University of Kent at Canterbury
Ph.D. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research lnterests: History of economic thought, economic history, methodology, philosophy and ethics, comparative economic systems and cultures, and economic rhetoric.

Philip Kozel

Philip Kozel

Associate Professor of Economics

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 271

T. 407.691.1387

B.A. Ohio State University
M.A. University of Denver
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Research interests: Property rights in general and intellectual property in particular, Economic theory, Economic history, and Marxian economics.

Anca M. Voicu

Anca M. Voicu

Professor of Economics

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 263

T. 407.691.1758

B.A. Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest (RO)
Post Graduate Certificate, Université Catholique de Fribourg (CH)
Ph.D. The University of Birmingham (UK)

Research Interests: international trade theory and policy, genetic algorithms applied to trade modeling, empirical trade models of the inter-war years, the impact of trade on the environment, economics and culture.

Astha Sen

Assistant Professor of Economics

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 259

B.A. University of Delhi, India
M.S. Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois
Ph.D. Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia

Research Interests: Applied microeconomics, public, and experimental economics. Interested in policy-relevant research such as evaluating the impact of indirect tax policy (value-added tax) and unconditional cash transfer policy in India, food trade policy of China, and strategic preparedness policy of wine businesses in the US. Experience with designing firm-level surveys.
Examples of empirical research methods used in research include-- classic and dynamic difference-in-difference model, synthetic control method, non-parametric tests, logit, and generalized-ordered logit models.

Mari L. Robertson

Assistant Professor of Economics

Cornell Social Sciences Building – Room 272

T. 407.646.2331

B.A. Georgetown University
M.A. American University
Ph.D. American University

Research interests: Financial Markets and the Macroeconomy, Monetary Policy, Financial Institutions and Credit, Mortgage Lending


Tania Micalizio

Administrative Assistant

Cornell Social Sciences Building - 2nd Floor

T. 407.646.2569


Harry N. Kypraios

Harry N. Kypraios

B.A. University of Delaware
M.A. University of Delaware
Ph.D. University of Virginia

Research interests: Monetary Economics, Economics in Historical perspective, International Economics.