We’re committed to expanding educational opportunities in and out of the classroom.

Rollins College is deeply committed to the success of every member of the campus community. Our mission is to empower each student, staff, and faculty member to become engaged citizens who use their acquired liberal arts knowledge and skills with civility and compassion to improve the future of the community and the world.

Diverse Student Support Programs

Rollins College is fully committed to supporting the diversity within its undergraduate student body. The College offers several offices and services to assist students in their academic pursuits.


Starting college can feel like a huge unknown. Rollins’ EMBARK program is designed to give students from marginalized populations a little more peace of mind. This cohort-based program begins before you even start classes and introduces you to new friends who share unique experiences and social identities. The pre-orientation retreat is led by a student coordinator and several peer mentors, so you’ll learn from others who have been there. But the support doesn’t stop there. Throughout your time at Rollins, you’ll have the opportunity to meet up with your cohort again and again.

Diversity Envoy

Diversity Envoys begin their training by taking a class that explores the major groups that fall under the umbrella of diversity. Topics include race, religion, disability, and gender and sexuality. Once Envoys have sufficient training and background knowledge, they work with the Office of Admission to host special presentations and panels. They also lead on-campus tours and are available to answer prospective students’ questions regarding diversity at Rollins.


Rollins College directs one Federally funded TRiO program as part of its mission to serve the educational needs of Central Florida's diverse community. Rollins' Upward Bound program aids students from Evans, Jones, Oak Ridge, and Wekiva high schools to prepare for college through academic preparation, advising, and encouragement.

Academic Coaching & Mentoring

At Rollins, Academic Advising is a dynamic, developmental decision-making process that assists students in clarifying long-term goals and developing educational plans for the realization of those goals. The process empowers students to become responsible for their own education and to make viable academic decisions regarding their future.

High School Bridge

The RISE program helps first-time-in college students easily transition to college courses and develop crucial skills for future success.

A college DEIB staffer leads a workshop.

Student, Faculty, & Staff DEIB Training Programs

Rollins College provides training and skill development opportunities that help create a community where the individual differences within our campus contribute to further learning and advancements for all.