At Rollins, we have groups, clubs, and organizations that bring members together around shared interests to advance common priorities.

Our offerings of shared-identity groups convene to form ongoing, sustained networks that provide space to participate in professional development, network, build partnerships, share best practices, and support each other's forward progress. Rollins’ groups demonstrate our commitment to inclusivity and belonging. Employee resource groups (ERGs) provide faculty and staff with the opportunity to share interests and experiences with each other, and the broader campus community. All ERGs are formed and operated by employees on a voluntary basis. For questions or more information on ERGs, email

Identity-Based Employee Communities

At Rollins , identity-based communities connect Tars based on their shared cultural, industry, racial, or personal identities. There are different communities formed organically that serve both faculty and staff needs for belonging and thriving, providing both an environment that supports networking, socializing, and opportunities to celebrate their heritage and experiences. To learn more about additional Rollins identity-based communities not listed below, please send an email to

Student Organizations

If you’re seeking out others who share your racial, ethnic, or social identity or values, take a look at our many cultural clubs and organizations, such as Spectrum (LGBTQ+), the Black Student Union, Voices 4 Women, and the Latin American Student Association. Explore more at

  • Black Student Union

    The Black Student Union (BSU) is dedicated to fostering unity through community involvement, cultural activities, and academic excellence among self-identified Black students.Our vision is to encourage the retention and recruitment of Black Students at Rollins College. We are also dedicated to fostering unity within the larger student body and promoting diversity for academic achievement and cultural competence.

  • Latin American Student Association

    The Latin American Student Association (LASA) is dedication to serving all students desiring to learn from and connect with the Hispanic-Latinx community at Rollins College.

  • Spectrum

    Spectrum is an organization dedicated to serving Rollins by creating a safe and comfortable environment for students who self-identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. We work towards improving inclusivity and visibility for the LGBTQ+ community on campus. We value ourselves as a safe space that is focused on liberation and intersectionality.