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The Great Debate

A Rollins tradition since 2007.
Mekha Rousseau Ndayisenga and Kellia Kaneza smiling with trophy after capturing the 2018/19 Rollins Cup!Sunny and Whitney reclaim the Rollins CupJamaican Association for Debating Empowerment


Congratulations to iDebate Rwanda team members Mekha Rousseau Ndayisenga and Kellia Kaneza for capturing the 2018/19 Rollins Cup!

The Great Debate 2018

Sunny and Whitney reclaim the Rollins Cup in 2018.

The Great Debate 2017

Congratulations to the Jamaican Association for Debating Empowerment for winning the Rollins Cup in 2017!

Defending the Rollins Cup

Brandon and Alexander hoist the Rollins Cup after successfully defending it from Miami, 2015.
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About The Great Debate

Every year, the Rollins College Debate Team invites a debating society from the international community to the campus of Rollins College to compete in the Great Debate.  The Great Debate is a series of debates hosted by high schools and colleges in central Florida.  The Rollins College Debate Team is proud to have international exchanges with many debating societies from around the world, including the Cambridge Union Debating Society, China Foreign Studies University, China Foreign Affairs University, China Normal University, Fudan University, The Jamaican Association of Debating Empowerment, Jamaican Technology University, Jindal University, Shanghai Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, Solbridge Business University, Taiwan Normal University, University of Aux en Province, and Wenzao University. The purposes of our Great Debate are to introduce students in central Florida to international debating and to help strengthen the international debating community.

The Great Debate: Rollins vs. Cambridge

The Great Debate: Rollins vs. China

The Great Debate: Rollins vs. Rwanda

The Great Debate: Rollins vs. Miami