Rollins College Debate Team

The Great Debate Winners

A Rollins tradition since 2007.

No. 1 In Florida

Raymond Verboncouer and David Gevorgyan celebrate after successfully defending the Rollins Cup from Cambridge, 2014.
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Defending the Rollins Cup

Brandon and Alexander hoist the Rollins Cup after successfully defending it from Miami, 2015.
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The Great Debate 2016

The Beijing Foreign Studies Debate Team captures the Rollins Cup in 2016

About The Great Debate

Every year, the Rollins Debate Team invites an internationally acclaimed debating society/team to participate in American
parliamentary and British parliamentary exhibition debates and cultural events. The Rollins Forensics Program has been fortunate enough to establish debate
exchanges with many excellent schools, including Cambridge University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, China Normal University, China Foreign Affairs
University, Fudan University, Jindal Global University, Solbridge School of International Business, and the Jamaican Association for Debating Empowerment. The purpose of the exhibition debates is to introduce the Central Florida community to collegiate level intellectual engagement on topic of interests to people in the United States and around the world. In addition to participating in exhibition debates, the debaters participate in many cultural events during their stay, including visits to museums, the space coast, the Winter Park Institute Speaker Series, and the Bach Choir and Orchestra.

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    Rollins College
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