Critical Media & Cultural Studies Department


Meet the Critical Media and Cultural Studies faculty.

Denise Cummings, PhD

Associate Professor of Critical Media & Cultural Studies

Cornell Social Sciences Building - Room 146

T. 407.646.2320

M.A. Salve Regina University
M.A. Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D. University of Florida

Denise K. Cummings joined Rollins College in 2003. Prior to the founding of the Department of Critical Media and Cultural Studies, she served as Visiting Assistant Professor of English at Rollins.  Dr. Cummings teaching and research interests are situated at the intersection of critical cinema studies, cultural studies, and critical theory. In her work in the fields of visual/popular culture and American Indian Studies, she addresses the social, economic, cultural, historical, and political dimensions of American material culture, increasingly locating American culture and events within an international dynamic.  By creating opportunities for community-based immersion learning, Dr. Cummings exposes her students to resource-rich networks to enhance learning, engender change, and advance social justice.  She has curated numerous film programs for the Native American Literature Symposium and serves on selection and steering committees and juries for several film festivals including the Florida Film Festival (Maitland, FL) and the Global Peace Film Festival (Orlando, FL). Her recent publications include Seeing Red, Hollywood’s Pixeled Skins: American Indians and Film (Michigan State University Press, 2013); “Florida: The Mediated State,” a special issue ofFlorida Historical Quarterly (2012); and Visualities: Perspectives on Contemporary American Indian Film and Art (Michigan State University Press 2011).

Steven Schoen, PhD

Steven Schoen, PhD

Assistant Professor of Critical Media & Cultural Studies

Cornell Social Sciences Building - Room 180

T. 407.691.1798

B.A. St. Meinrad College
M.A. Aquinas Institute
M.A. (Media Communications), Webster University
Ph.D. University of South Florida

Steve W. Schoen is Assistant professor of Critical Media and Cultural Studies and specializes in documentary production, theory and criticism, and media representations of gender and sexuality. Dr. Schoen teaches Introduction to Media and Cultural Studies, Digital Storytelling, Media, Gender and Sexualities, and Making Documentaries. His scholarly publications include "Making Sense Under a Midnight Sun: Transdisciplinary Art, Documentary Film, and Cultural Exchange" in the journal Cultural Studies - Critical Methodologies and "Blackfish-ing for Buzz: The Rhetoric of the Real in Theme Parks and Documentary" in the Journal of Florida Studies. Dr. Schoen's most recent documentary, Groaning from the Soul (2016), documents the visit of Professor Carolyn Ellis and Holocaust survivor Jerry Rawicki to the Nazi death camp Treblinka where Rawicki's mother and sister died. 

Lisa Tillmann, PhD

Lisa Tillmann, PhD

Professor and Chair of Critical Media & Cultural Studies

Cornell Social Sciences Building - Room 145

T. 407.646.1586

B.A. Marquette University
Ph.D. University of South Florida    

Lisa M. Tillmann, Ph.D., is an activist researcher, social justice documentary filmmaker, and professor of Critical Media and Cultural Studies (CMC), a program she founded at Rollins College. Grounded in values of peace, equity, and justice, CMC examines the world’s most pressing issues and challenges and helps students envision ways to work toward change. On campus and in central Florida, Dr. Tillmann has participated in numerous activist initiatives, many centering on civil rights. She authored the books, Between Gay and Straight: Understanding Friendship across Sexual Orientation, and In Solidarity: Friendship, Family, and Activism Beyond Gay and Straight, produced the film Weight Problem: Cultural Narratives of Fat and “Obesity,” and co-produced the films Off the Menu: Challenging the Politics and Economics of Body and Food and Remembering a Cool September (about LGBT civil rights).

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R. Culpepper

Administrative Assistant

Cornell Social Science Building - Room 154

T. 407.646.2337