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Travel FAQs

Has the College suspended travel to certain locations, or canceled any study abroad programs? 
The College has cancelled all sponsored travel through December 31. This includes faculty and staff work-related travel, summer programs and summer internships. 

All non-local travel outside of Central Florida is included in the travel pause. 

What if I have scheduled personal travel? 
If you are planning personal travel, we highly recommend that you abide by U.S. government guidance and please be mindful of potential associated risk of disruptions to your return. 

Why did the College decide to cancel all international travel through December 2020? 
Based on the still active Global Level 4 “Do Not Travel” warning by the State Department; the still active restrictions on entry to many countries, including all of the EU; the continued shift of many of our partners and vendors abroad to virtual or hybrid semesters (or outright program cancellations); limited international flights; restrictions on entry back into the U.S.; potential risk to the College community; and the high-level of continued uncertainty surrounding the virus and the state of international travel, the College has made the difficult decision to cancel all international travel at this time.