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Operations FAQs

Where is the best place to find information about orders for Orange County?
Orange County government is providing regular updates for its residents. Information including the state-wide stay-at-home order, testing, COVID-19 heat maps, as well as information from local partners, can be found at the County’s website.

What is Rollins doing to respond to COVID-19?
The College’s main goal in planning and preparations is to protect the safety of our students, faculty and staff. Our planning is guided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the State of Florida Health Department and the Orange County Health Department. The College is taking a number of steps to prepare for and respond to the issues raised by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Activating our Emergency Response Team, with dedicated working groups with responsibility across campus.
  • Staying in regular communication with state and local health officials. Regular monitoring of national and state organizations, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, the State of Florida Health Department and the Orange County Health Department.
  • Having ongoing conversations about risks related to international travel.
  • Keeping our community informed by sharing best practices and expert guidance on public health infection control.


Will there be changes to dining and dining halls due to physical distancing requirements? 
Rollins Dining has been hard at work developing a range of options available this fall including prepared, grab-and-go, and ready-to-cook meals. In addition, dining funds may be used to order groceries from the C-Store for students living in campus residential units with kitchens, and grocery delivery service will be available for these orders. 

We plan to offer physically distanced dining at the Bush Café and Skillman Dining Hall and have expanded our capacity for outdoor dining. We will also have a touchless payment system. 

Upon students’ arrival, will there be an add/drop period to meal plans as there have been in the past? 
Yes, there will be a 2-week period once classes begin during which students can change their meal plan. Information is forthcoming from Residential Life & Explorations. 

How will dining provide dietary restrictions and accommodations to students? 
We will be offering both grab-and-go and dine-in options. As always, contact for questions or concerns. 


Financial Aid

Where can information be found on the grant being given to College of Liberal Arts and Hamilton Holt School students?
For more information on the grant, email They will provide the most accurate information possible. Students can also complete the online form for automatic consideration and will receive an email from Financial Aid within three business days with the same information.  

Information Technology

What are the technology expectations for the 2020-21 academic year? 
This fall, we will leverage video conferencing software to engage students both in and out of the classroom. All students will need a videoconference-capable device (e.g., laptop with camera, tablet, smart phone) and some type of headphones or earbuds that include a microphone for classes. This solution will allow both in-person and remote students to actively and equally participate in class with their faculty and—importantly—with each other. If you foresee having a technological barrier for this type of classroom engagement, please email with the subject “Technology Barrier Fall 2020.” 

What is the process for IT Help Desk support? 
IT Help Desk service remains virtual, with walk-up service suspended. We are utilizing campus lockers for no-contact equipment pick-up and drop-off. For IT assistance, continue to call 407.628.6363 or Classroom, network, and access control will be supported in accordance with the College’s safety protocols. 

Olin Library

For the 2020-21 academic year, will the Olin Library be open for use? 
Yes, the library will be open during the academic year. Olin Library has developed a physical distancing and capacity plan as well as adding outside, no-contact lockers for delivering both IT and library-related materials. However, the pillow room will be closed for the semester. 

Will the Olin Library be available if a student chooses to be virtual? 
Yes, library staff have been working to make sure that space is safe and welcoming. We will have hybrid options and are developing systems to deliver contact-free materials. The pillow room will be closed, but pods are available for quiet study. 

Post Office

When can students begin shipping belongings for their residential room? 
Items should be shipped no more than one week prior to their arrival. Anything sent before then will be returned to sender. Make sure to address the boxes/items using the student’s box number (which can be found in Foxlink). 

Student Account Services (Bursar/Student Payments)

Is there a refund policy should we be forced to go virtual/off-campus again? 
Yes, information on the refund (housing and dining) and withdrawal policies, can be found on the Student Account Services website. 

What happens to any unused dining dollars from the Spring 2020 semester, if my student is not returning to campus in the fall?  
Any unused dining dollars that were in the student account (from the Spring 2020 semester) were moved to a flexible dining dollars account that will never expire. These funds will be ready for when the student returns to campus. For additional information email 

Tutoring & Writing Center

Is the Tutoring & Writing Center available? 
Yes. The Tutoring & Writing Center will offer virtual, synchronous appointments and limited in-person appointments in Olin Library. Students can use EAB Navigate to schedule an appointment. If you do not have access to this platform, email Mistie Watkins to get set up with a login or email your graduate tutors directly to make an appointment. For more information, visit the Virtual Tutoring page. 

Tutors will not offer email consultations or other forms of asynchronous feedback. If a student cannot find an appointment time, they can request an appointment in EAB Navigate. 


Is the Office of Admission closed?
The Office of Admission is open for walk-in visitors. Walk-in visitors will have an option to talk directly with an admission and/or financial aid counselor, and campus will be open for a self-guided tour. We will also host daily campus virtual visits, which will include a live information session with an admission counselor and a campus tour.

For up to date information, including scheduling instructions and COVID-19 Admission FAQs, visit the Admission website.

Where can I find more information from Admission?
Visit the Admission FAQ page.

Arts & Culture at Rollins

What considerations are being given to performing artists for whom distancing and masks are incompatible? 
Music, theater and dance professors have been working diligently on plans for safe performance practices that include using larger spaces, adapting the material being performed to accommodate physical distancing and utilizing plexiglass as needed. 


What is Rollins doing to sanitize the campus? 
Consistent with CDC guidelines, we have adjusted routine cleaning frequencies and put more of an emphasis on high-touch areas. 

Is WPRK Radio still operating? 
WPRK is streaming recorded content. There are no live show hosts in the studio. 

Will there be occupancy limits in all on-campus shared spaces (laundry rooms, common rooms, bathrooms, etc.)? 
We are rearranging furniture and taking furniture offlineAs this is a shared responsibility, we expect our campus community to practice these preventive measures. 

Facilities Services & Housekeeping

Has Rollins increased its cleaning procedures and safety measures? 
While our dedicated Facilities Services team is practicing enhanced cleaning and sanitation procedures throughout campus, especially as it relates to deep cleaning of commonly used spaces, we must all do our part to help keep the campus safe. We are asking that, in addition to scheduled cleaning, everyone regularly disinfect their own spaces. Cleaning and disinfection are shared responsibilities among our campus community. 

We launched our campus wide Wellness Campaign “Keeping Tars Safe” in June to help acclimate members of our campus community working on campus this summer to new procedures. Signage, including distancing markers and directional signs, continues to be installed on campus. We will deploy hand-sanitizer dispensers across campus in high-traffic areas and are installing plexiglass shields and barriers in high-traffic areas and public spaces where physical distancing is not possible. To learn more about our Wellness initiative and what you can expect on campus, please watch this video. 

Will hand sanitizer dispensers be placed inside buildings? 
Yes, dispensers will be located at the entrance/exit of each building. Depending on the size of the building, additional hand sanitizer stations will be placed at areas of convenience (outside restrooms and along hallway corridors). 

Will each department be given hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes? 
Yes, until the supply chain allows departments to purchase through our office supply vendor, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes will be distributed to individual departments, as needed. Email or and let us know when your department is scheduled to return to campus, so we can deliver hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. 

How frequently will restrooms be cleaned? 
We are increasing our restroom cleanings to seven days a week. High-touch areas will be cleaned more frequently throughout the day. 

Will Facilities Services provide disinfectant wipes in classrooms, for frequent cleanings? 
Yes, classrooms are being installed with wall-mounted paper towel dispensers and disinfectant spray so surfaces can be wiped down between classes. 

Will the College sanitize classrooms by means of electrostatic spraying? 
Yes, electrostatic spraying (with disinfectant) will occur nightly in all classrooms. 

Wellness Signage

Will departments be given physical distancing signage for their departments (and office space)? 
As part of the Keeping Tars Safe wellness campaign, flyers and customizable signs (both 8.5x11) can be downloaded for printing on your department’s copiers. Three to five 11x17 posters will also be distributed through campus mail for departments to hang in their windows, building entryways, etc. Physical distancing (6’ floor decals) and one-way directional arrows can be requested through the purchasing department by emailing Departments and building liaisons are responsible for the placement of signage. 

Furniture Spacing

Who is responsible for spacing furniture within a department’s lobby/lounge area? 
Departments are responsible for arranging their spaces based on physical distancing guidelines by the CDC (6’ apart). Furniture not used is to remain within the department. Outside storage is not an option. If assistance is needed, submit a Facilities work order. Work orders will be reviewed and approved if the request can be completed in-house or outsourced (based on expense required). 

How will classrooms be set up for physical distancing? 
A team of faculty and staff are assessing classrooms across campus to allow physical distancing. We are working to maximize the number of classrooms that can accommodate the entire class. Some classes may be taught on an A/B rotation model to accommodate physical distancing. Markers will be placed on the floor and diagrams with furniture placement will be adhered to the walls to ensure furniture remains in its place. Unused furniture will be stacked, wrapped, and left in the classrooms. All seats are six feet apart.